Monday, October 25, 2010

Basket full of scraps...

makes baskets full of scraps!

Yes, I couldn't stop at just two.
I made a couple of more this morning.
What started out as just scrappy fun is now consuming me!
Has that ever happened to you?

My day began with this today.. I had so much fun with it, I decided to make another one.. bigger than the previous one..of course!

My heart said.. more...more... more...
My brain said, Yes... Yes... Yes...

So, I made several little patches from the scraps, 
Sewed them together how ever they wanted to fit with each other.. and I ended up with a large square patch!
Didn't want a square basket!
So, I rotated it around... funny how things look completely different from a different angle!

Made a patch for the top left side..

 Made another one for the top right side..

All it needed now was a handle.. A really long one!

And a base too!

Too tiny?

I think so!

I think now it is just right!

I am definitely going to make some more! I am not sure how this quilt will evolve but I am not thinking too much into it. I am just having fun making these scrappy basket from my basket full of scraps!

Want to join in the fun?

Leave a comment on this post and include that you are interested in the quilt along. If there is enough interest, I will start a separate blog for you all to be part of this super scrappy fun!


  1. These bring a smile to my day. And I LOVE those red blocks!;>

    Count me in on the scrappy blog!

  2. I love your baskets what a great idea to use up scraps! This will make a very fun and liberated quilt.

  3. Sujata, you leave us all in the dust. Sign me up. Buffy

  4. Gasp, wheeze - yep, she's leaving me in the dust too! Love those baskets. What's next?

  5. Well, you do need different baskets for different occasions, so more the merrier. Scrappy fun is the best because it's all about being in the moment and having fun. Basketloads of fun!

  6. Yes, yes and yes! I made one controlled scrappy basket quilt (inspired by one in Gwen and Freddy's book) ... now I'm ready to make another-this time completely liberated and not-so-controlled!

  7. oh yes I love these baskets!
    look likes funky purses too...
    I just may have to try making one
    in repros though!

  8. Sujata, your scrappy baskets are sure to bring the much needed cheerfulness to the coming winter days. They are a lovely treat!

  9. Wow!!! A germ of an idea has really blossomed. What great fun. I love baskets and yours are marvelous. Count me in. Bonnie

  10. Love love these. Gwen Marston and Freddy MOran will want to use them in Collaborative QUilting :)! Happy day to you, Em

  11. I'd love to make some baskets! Is there a deadline? So many little time.

  12. Looks like you're having a lot more fun with these baskets than you did with the dress ;- )

    These are way fun - and a great reward for sticking with it until that dress was done! Good on you!

  13. The baskets are wonderful. They will make a fabulous quilt. Count me in.

  14. I'm in, at least in spirit! Time to quilt is always a challenge, but I can't resist the scrappiness and a chance to do some sewing with you!

  15. Sujata count me in, sounds like fun. I love your Gridlock quilt....bring it for show and tell next month!

  16. I've been undecided about signing up because I've got a few things on my plate at the moment, but I can't resist being part of the party because I know it'll be a fun one!! So add my name!!

  17. Oh, what fun and great motivation to get started on a scrappy basket quilt! It's been on my list of someday quilts, but it looks like now is the time. Thanks so much, your blocks are wonderful inspiration, count me in!


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