Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Dress!

It was a big success!
Are you all tired of me going on and on about the dress? I promise, this will be the last of it. 
This past week I worked on the dress, blogged about it and even threw ( privately) tantrums of my own. 
I managed to finish it on time and she went to the dance as one happy girl!

Few of the phrases that went through my mind were... 
Just shoot me.. Never again and What was I thinking?

My dear daughter, might I add is the most understanding, calm and non judgmental human being was not looking for a perfect dress. Just a finished dress! 
Some thing to wear at the dance that would fit her. 

Every time I had my doubts, she encouraged me and when that wasn't working she went on with her life with such trust and faith, believing that it was somehow going to happen.

And it did

 The bag too!

Of course, you will never see the details on the dress. 
I did terrible on finishing details.
But she assured me,"Mom, I don't mind!"
Last night she tried it on and it was almost three inches big..
I sewed a seam from top of the back to the waist..
It worked great!

Her glowing face was enough of a proof!

Last year was my first attempt at a formal dress. same story.. went to the mall and did not find anything that would fit her and my pocket so I somehow made this dress. With boning and zipper and all.. 
Another one of those- you never want to see from up close! 

Those people from that show would throw a fit!

 But she was as happy as she could be!

I think she is just a happy girl because if my mom made me a dress that had so many flaws.. I am not sure how I would have reacted.. Wait a minute.. I know and she does too!  

Now that I can reflect back on this past week,
I will never say never.. 


Because, that's what I said to my mom when I was a teenager.. 
I was never-ever going to sew in my life.. 
and here I am!

I know for fact that I don't  follow instructions well. 
It is not because I can not.. I just don't like it.
I am just made that way.. 
No big deal!
All the while I was trying to follow each and every one of some 45 steps, I was eagerly anticipating for the Saturday to come and be done!

Living in the moment would have saved me a few trips to the fabric store and ripping out seams over and over again! 
By the way, I only do that while I sew garments..
Quilting is another story!

Speaking of which, now I have some beautiful silks from this and past experiements.
I am thinking a crazy quilt. That 's how they were made.. scraps and strings from the tailored clothing..
Oh.. it feels good to be talking about quilts again!
Can't wait!

The second biggest advantage of making the dress?
I was forced to dust of my Viking Designer One and learned that it is a very classy machine.. 
 It sews like magic and after first few getting used to it moments I was sewing like a champ!

The first and foremost advantage.. you ask?
Did I mention the smile?

Never say never! 
Live in the moment.
Trust me.


  1. Both dresses are BEAUTIFUL!! But still not as beautiful as your daughter. Nothing could beat her smile. And, with a smile like that, no one will notice the small details. Congratulations on another on-time accomplishment!

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous and the dresses look beautiful! I hope that my girls will still want me to sew for them when they are teenagers... so I think you've done a great job all around!

  3. A beautiful dress for a beautiful young lady!!! And a very beautiful, funny, wonderful post!!

  4. the dress is beautiful and she looks amazing! what a great color for her.
    Love the flower !!! ok you are just too hard on yourself, the dress looks awesome. can't wait to see what your going to work on this week get in there and sew with cotton!!!!!

  5. your daughter is beautiful and what a sweetie. I can't imagine I'd have been as nice to my own mother in a similar situation. unfortunately. you did great!

  6. What a success story! The dress is amazing. I loved hearing you talk about the ups and downs of making it. I'm so glad there was a very happy ending!

  7. The dress is and color!...and your daughter looks radiant in it! I well recall the many shopping trips with my daughter to find the perfect outfit for high school events. Not my favorite memories from those years!! ;-)

  8. What a great mom! When I was in high school, I sewed my own dress for one dance because I wanted something shocking and unlike what everyone else was wearing (remember the Gunny Sax craze in the 80's?) It was backless, had huge sleeves, and required loops of duct tape at the shoulders and a large ribbon at the waist to keep it on me. I was blissfully happy.

  9. Your daughter is beautiful and the dresses you made were wonderful. What great memories you're creating for her!

  10. Oh me-o my-o. Your beautiful daughter is lucky to have such a beautiful and talented Mother. Both dresses are equisite, however I am in love with the purple flower. What wonderful memories you have created.

  11. Beautiful...the dresses look great too!!

  12. What a beautiful dress and an equally beautifully daughter!

  13. Beautiful daughter ... gorgeous dresses ... happy endings (all good).

    As you work with the leftover silks, will you share with the rest of us? (please!!)

    I have silk from LIttle India (Singapore) that DDIL brought home for me and I kind of know what I want to do with it but have limited experience (other than adding fusible tricot interfacing to stabilize).

    Enjoy the glow of completion ...

  14. Gorgeous girl and very pretty dresses. Good job mom! In 10 years, this will be a fabulous memory.

  15. Oh my, I have the same problems with garments. It's just not fun at all. But- she's just stunning in both dresses and I'm sure it was all worth it. Lovely work!

  16. Beautiful dresses, Sujata. Kavita is a sweetheart and has such a wonderful smile! She is very pretty and positively glowing in the dress you made for her. The color you chose is perfect!
    Congrats on your success! I'm afraid of handling anything other than cotton or linen. You did a great job on the dress :)

  17. The dress looks wonderful. she doesnt look the least bit upset at your "non professional" sewing!! She is gorgeous btw!

  18. The dress(es) and your daughter are both beautiful. I hope she had(s) a great time!


  19. Gorgeous daughter and dresses!

  20. Fabulous! Your dresses are almost as gorgeous as your daughter!
    (I have a feeling that her beauty, both inside and out, would make anything glow.)

  21. My Mom made all my clothes until I married. She always said get fancy fabric and a simple pattern. I had lovely formals of brocade and silk. You are doing it... you can't be prefect on the first try, but it looks, from here, as though you did that, too. Keep up the good work.


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