Friday, October 15, 2010

Needle in the haystack?

Or is it all over the house?

Is it possible for us to never misplace the needle while working on a project? I have tried my very best to keep them organized.. I still manage to lose them every once in a while.

I am working on finishing the dress. I feel like I have been deprived of joyful sewing experience for past week, but I am not going to fuss about that right now. There have been some good things that came out of that too and I will share that some other day.


This morning I was working on the dress and decided to take a small break.

I was not close to my beautiful pincushions at the time. In that moment I put the threaded needle to a SAFE place so I would find it right away when needed and took a little email break!

What seemed like few minutes of reading and answering the emails, It had been good half and hour. I forgot where the safe place for that needle was.. Needless to say, I spent next half an hour searching so that it would not show up at random places.

I finally gave up and threaded another needle wanting to just FINISH the dress.
As I sat down on the chair again I noticed a thread on my pants around my left knee and I looked down...

Guess what?

I had found my needle!

So, here are today's questions:

Do spend half an hour looking for the lost or misplaced needle or secretly hope that it will turn up somehow ( think of the possibilities.... ouch) and carry on with another needle?

Do you stick it in your shirt thinking it is the safest place in that moment?

Do you get out that vacuum cleaner before someone else discovers it?

Okay now...Be honest!

The dress is almost finished. I can not wait to get back to sewing 100% cotton fabrics.. Strings and scraps..

But I did do some fun stuff too. Took some pictures of my finished quilts for this. Check it out!
Got some more quilt tops out to baste.
The one on the left is almost 10 years old. How terrible is that? That's going to be my canvas for machine quilting!
But first, got to go back to hand work on that dress.
Have a great weekend!


  1. When I think about the HOURS I spend looking for things that I've put away for safekeeping...I could have twice as many completed projects as I do!!! :D

  2. Hee Hee, I find the best way to find a needle is wait to hear my partner yelp when he stands on it. I heard a good tip for needles on the floor that works- turn off the light and shine a torch and they'll show up.

  3. it was fun to learn more about you and man, am I still in love with that current work of yours with the big circle. I lose stinking needles all the time - luckily no one has ever gotten hurt, even when its been weeks before they've turned up again.

  4. I don't look for too long....someone usually finds the needle! ;)

  5. Sujata, I had a wonderful time reading your interview on the Modern quilt guild site. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's very inspiring! Your pictures were beautiful and was great to see your earlier quilts and newest projects too.
    And as per the needle, I kind of give-up on my search after a few mins. and pick up a new one... I'm taking risks here ;)

  6. Oh my! The profile on you is wonderful!! And all the wonderful new and old quilts pictured are jaw-dropping gorgeous!! This profile should be in an international magazine!

    A very fun post here. I search for about 2 minutes, then give up and start with another needle. Patience is not my greatest virtue!

  7. My hubby generally finds lost needles with his bare feet. If it's not in one of the 5 places I normally put it (pin cushion, thread spool end, knee of pants, left-upper shirt, couch cushion) I give up and start over.

  8. OK guys. I've removed many needles (and glass and splinters) from many feet---not fun for anyone and always a challenge. I was a country doc in a former life. If you have carpet, it is hard to find needles. A magnetic pin cushion or wand helps. It is worthwhile to be careful.
    A great post, and wonderful Sujata colors in those quilt tops.
    One time, several years ago, I left pin cushion on dining room table while we went out. My daughter's bulldog got up on a chair and then on the table and tried to eat it. We never found all the needles. I keep a count when doing applique. Thankfully no harm happened, except for the sawdust coming out of the holes in the pincushion.

  9. WOWZER! That was a terrific interview, and it was wonderful to get to "know" you better. I applaud all that you have done and always look forward to the greatness to come. Keep those colors coming our way and don't worry about the needles and pins. As you have so expertly shared, they have a way of showing up when you least expect them. And what's a little pin prick on the fanny now and again? (Sorry couldn't resist.) You must post a picture of your lovely daughter in her dress. I don't doubt that she will be the belle of the ball.

  10. The last time I lost a sewing needle, I found it in my big had broken off and I needed surgery to have it removed. I now keep very good track of my needles...

  11. I usually stick needles and occasionally pins on my shirt oor pants for "safekeeping" If I lose one the first thing I do is pat myself down :)


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