Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Basket Quilt

I thought I was going to wait for another post until after I finished this quilt. But it seems like I have hit the wall and going no where. 
At first, I was not sure if I was going to use borders for this quilt. This quilt was just a fun experiment and had no ultimate goal.. I kept making my fancy baskets and as I made them the crazy patched up background seemed like a really good idea. I did have a great time making those blocks.

After looking at nifty's quilt, I thought of making it into a baby quilt and gifting it to our niece. 

According to my daughter, the baskets are just right for a little baby..her quilt should be soft and gentle in colors and pattern...
In my book.. soft and gentle does not exist.. Colors have to be bright. Use of dark and light is a must!
  I kept making my baskets..with wonky bases and handles because they are fun to make!

Now the quilt top is finished. I need to choose a backing. 
I think I am going to go with another crazy..

I hope the baby does not stay awake all night with bright and poppy colors..

That would not be good.

But as long as she is warm and cozy..

She will be alright!

What do you think?

Soft and gentle or wild and crazy for the back?


  1. it's lovely and she's going to love. some sort of pink in the back perhaps. how big is it?

  2. Maybe it won't be a sleepy-time quilt. Maybe it will be a play-time quilt! My DD loves my brightest, craziest quilts for her babies. There's always something "new" for baby to see.
    :- )

    I personally love your use of plaids in the backgrounds of your basket blocks. I'd like to be more like you in that respect.

  3. Absolutely darling! The baby will love it no matter what the backing is, I know that! For whatever reason, the softer colors for babies are 'in' now, though I went as bright as I could 35 years ago! I wanted to stimulate their creativity and intelligence....and I did. They are all bright and creative and no, none of them slept that well as babies in their super vibrant rooms ;)

  4. Wow, you didn't waste any time getting that one done! How about black and white on the back since that is supposed to be the first thing babies see.

  5. Fabulous top- you got that done fast! I would go wild and colorful for the back, but maybe that's just me. I don't think it makes a bit of difference to the baby.

  6. the quilt is adorable!!!! I love the border,
    I think its great for a baby quilt.
    glad you pieced the background just fun!
    ARen't they just fun to make?
    so whats the next project?

  7. They make a great much more fun than the traditional basket quilts! Baskets are bright, background soft and gentle; just right! I'd say go for bright on the back...but I'm just making a baby quilt and wondering if it should have been less bright! Let your design intuition guide you, in my (limited) experience, worrying about what people will like kills the fun and the quilt!

  8. I like Wanda's suggestion for black and white.

    Otherwise, I vote for bright colors.

  9. I just love how your baskets turned out! They're perfect for a baby quilt.
    I couldn't join in on this project due to a full plate..but I sure want to try this later.

  10. VISUALLY STIMULATING!!! Absolutely love it!

  11. WILD & CRAZY! Let's bring her up right...

  12. It is the most delightful baby quilt! The floral border is so happy and the plaids look very cute!
    Happy Diwali!! Have a wonderful time with your family :)

  13. This quilt is adorable. was it a pattern or did you design it?

  14. Love love your border choice!!!! Keep it fun it's fabulous!!!

  15. I think that whatever you choose will be perfect, just as the top is perfect. And baby will be inspired to love color and fun.

  16. Absolutely to die for. Love it. I wanna make one!

  17. Saw this on Pinterest. I assure you it popped out. Love it. Babies track to bright colors! Love it.


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