Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memories from the attic

This little snowman was made during my doll making days. He comes out of the attic every year since 1994.
He is wearing the hat that was made from my old socks. His nose is made of clove stick painted orange. Clove heads are buttons for his shirt and mittens are painted and so are the boots. I even laced the boots. I wish I know who the pattern designer was. I really enjoyed making them.

I still love having them around the house during the holidays..They bring a little bit of past back with those wonderful memories when the children were little. These two were made for my two boys.. They come out of the attic every year and hang together on the tree. 


  1. Way, way too cute! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. A pair of handsome guys.
    Holiday Hugs,

  3. Thanks, Dee and Gerry!
    I no longer make dolls and that's why these are quite precious to me.

  4. How very cute, I didn't know you once made dolls, what else do you have up your sleeve?

  5. I have similar "memories" in my attic! They'll be coming out real soon!

  6. these are adorable. oh I can totally understand why they are precious to you.

  7. Adorable!!! Great idea to use cloves for their noses and buttons. I love their plaid outfits and the shoe laces look so cute!

  8. Those guys are precious. What wonderful memory makers.


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