Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stories in Stitches

As quilters, we all write stories in stitches.

Few days ago Barb shared her quilt and the story behind it. 
A lot of the times, we start a quilt on an impulse, a basic instinct, a drive to design and create.
Which is what I believe Mary  is doing right now. 
Sometimes we get inspired by what surrounds us and we get motivated to design. 
Occasionally we take part in quilt along and let our creativity pour out. 
Sometimes, it is a group effort like the one Victoria has started us all with our 15 minutes Bee
or Beth who is building a neighborhood of quilters.

Either way we all are somehow involved in telling a story. 
It is the reason my blog is called "The root Connection"

 Every quilt has a story..whether it is a machine stitched, hand stitched, appliqued or pieced, or it is made of  a traditional or improvisational style. if you dig deeper than the surface you will find a story..If you ask the maker, he or she will tell you all about it! 

I have not met a quilt that has not told a story.

I hope you all  find this link below interesting. 


The native language in the story is 'Gujarati', the language I speak at home here and with my family back in India. My ancestors were from the western state of Gujarat, the bordering state of India to Pakistan.

This little preview of the documentary tells the story that is indented in lives of millions!
  Although, I was born way after the events that are depicted here, I somehow feel connected to this art that tells the story of human lives. 
  It is part of my culture and heritage.

There are great efforts being made to preserve this ancient art. 
You can learn more about it by visiting 

  If you would like to learn more about the Ralli quilts,   

Patricia Stoddard, the author of the book, "Ralli Quilts" represents the organization called Lila Handicrafts.   You can also visit this site and see the beautiful ralli quilts of all sizes.

  I also would like to share the link for the Folk Art Market in New Mexico. 
This site has been a great source of inspiration for me from the countries all around the world.

I hope you enjoy visiting these sites and get inspired and
even find a treasure for your home or friends along the way!


  1. Thank you for sharing the documentary. I had to watch it twice so I could stop, pause, and look closely at some of the pieces. It's an amazing story and makes me think of my roots too.

  2. I am speechless and very, deeply touched. Words are inadequate. I am so grateful that you have shared this.

  3. Amazing, I now see how you are inspired by such beautiful work!

  4. I finally got time to look at all the links and watch the video. I am deeply moved at the rich tradition you were fortunate to grow up with. I can see how it influences your work. All the Ralli quilts are exquisite! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. What a fnatastic post. Thank you for passing on this information so we can learn more about these fascinating textiles.

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely video! And Happy Christmas, Sujata!

  7. If I think of one thing in my life that is paramount, it is STORIES. I have never adored them so much as this past year! What a lovely post CELEBRATING them! You are a gift to me and thank you for coming into my life! Em

  8. I agree all quilts tell a story at least to the maker.
    I remember (for the most part) when I made the quilt, what was going on in my life, why I made that quilt or chose those fabrics for the quilt
    and if I hand quilted it well thats another whole chapter in the quilt!
    lots of thinking , contemplation time...
    reflection....putting the needle in our hand is just like having a heart to heart talk with ourselves isn't it?
    yes, quilts have stories most of them are known just to the maker!

  9. Hi I plan to look at the link while I'm on vacation - we're in crunch mode here now :)
    I've just "re-subscribed" somehow I have had a problem with the feed - but I'm here again and plan to stay.
    This quilt reminds me of the Sacred Bible Quilt, which I've always loved and thought of reproducing.
    I look forward to the links.


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