Thursday, May 5, 2011

Organic Quilting

I like the freedom in traditions. In quilting, that means cutting with scissors and no marking the patterns while hand quilting which translates into fluidity in quilts. 
Of course, I have to be open to imperfections and raw look that it brings.. 
I like to call it "Organic Quilting" 
Quilting with minimum tools which may require hard work but the fruits are as sweet as the ones that grow in the backyard gardens.
I have been hand quilting one of my favorite quilts for past month or more. 
I wrote about it in the previous post. 
As structured as the blocks are, the quilt portrays freedom. I had a vision for the borders heavily quilted with Perle cotton threads like my Confetti quilt but it was not possible this time around. So, I settled with the next best thing I could possibly do for this quilt. 
I just took my thread and needle and started hand quilting by eye balling the pattern. 

After my first attempt, I knew what I did not want.

And this is what I settled for.

  It grew.....

and grew into wild ivy sprawling around an old broken barn or a log cabin.

I wish there was better way of taking good pictures of these borders.

I am pretty happy with my Organic Quilt Garden!

Have a happy day!

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