Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Show and Tell...

 Yes, I actually have finished quilts to talk about!

Not just one.. but four!

Remember this? 

and, this?

Hand quilted and bound!

This one waited for two years to be machine quilted..


And finally, K's quilt is also machine quilted and on her bed.

I sat on my machine (on my chair) last week and kept repeating like that little engine that could.

I think, I can! I think, I can!

I was quite apprehensive about quilting these big quilts myself on the machine.
 But here is the truth...
The house does not get cleaned unless someone has those cleaning gloves on 
I can not turn that tall pile of quilt tops into quilts unless I put on my quilting gloves!
So I did!
 I basted those quilts and got right to it.
Two out of four quilts were done last week.
I felt like a super woman!

I had some help from K and her friends capturing that feeling!

  I don't think they minded the heat!

That's what quilts do! Make you feel happy and forget about everything.

Don't your think these smiles make those quilts shine even more?

Well, I am ending this summer with a really great note!

It has been the most memorable summer in a long time and I am sad to end it with another long blogging break.

I have had rotator cuff injury for last two years.

Next Tuesday, I am going in for a surgery.

It has been bothering me for quite sometime and it is time to fix it!

I don't know how long this break will be but quite relieved that the pile has shrunk just a bit before the surgery and recovery..

Four down and 36 more to go!

I will be back with better shoulder and even more motivated to finish them all.

Look what two months of being away from the sewing room did!

All I had to do was, believe.

"Yes, I can!"

Hopefully, I will be back before you even have chance to miss me!

By the way,
 I can not tell you how appreciative I am of each of you visiting me and taking the time to leave a comment. If you are a no-reply blogger, please send me your email address so I can stay in touch with you. Thank you for being my blogging friends and sharing this journey.

Going back to the sewing room..

One more finish? 

Who knows!

You will have to wait and see :)


  1. Super congrats on the finishes and all the very best wishes for the surgery/recovery process. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

    p.s. Wonderful photos!

  2. 36 to go!!! Thanks for great post. Good luck on surgery.

  3. Wow! That just inspired me to get working on my long abandoned quilt top so I can have a finish soon.

    Good luck with your surgery and heal fast! I can't wait to see the other 36 finishes.

  4. You should be excited!! Wow, finishing 4 of them. I love the picture of the flying quilts and the bare feet! I will just have to make a 9 patch one like the first one you showed. I just love that quilt.

    If you are still using the old interface, you should change your comments to 'pop up window' and then everyone will be able to leave a comment easily. Now it is a matter of 6 tries to get the comment to go through.

  5. Hello Sujata - thanks for sharing your beautiful finishes, and also about your other news. I will be thinking positive thoughts for a quick and easy healing process, I hope! and just think, you have many lovely new quilts to cover you while you recuperate!

  6. Love the quilts - finished or not. Your colors are brilliant!

  7. Well done on the finishes. they all look great. See what you can do when you put your mind to it. Hope the op goes well and your recovery is swift. We will be here waiting for your return.

  8. Of COURSE you could do it!!! Love them all! We'll be thinking and praying for a quick recovery.

  9. Hooray Sujata! I knew you could, I knew you could, I knew you could.

  10. Wow, you sure make some creative, beautiful quilts. Best wishes for a successful surgery, and quick recovery so that you can get back at it!

  11. Well done....

    ...and the very best of luck with your surgery

    x Chris

  12. Sujata!! You are a super woman.
    That is an incredible feat. I'm sure you are just basking in it and you should. I LOVE Ks quilt - still want to learn to do that one with you.
    The girls are so beautiful, what perfect models.
    I'm so happy for you, I can feel the excitement through your blog.
    I know you'll feel so much better after the surgery -

  13. WooHoo and you thought you could maybe get one done.....!

  14. That's awesome, Sujata! Congrats on your finishes :-)
    Quilting these bigger quilts is no small job. You did great!
    Happy smiles say it all... warm and snuggly and just like fall, they are gorgeous! I love your pictures... they are wonderful!
    Good luck with the surgery! Take care :)

  15. My very favorite photo is the girls with the quilts wrapped around them like a great big hug. Suitable for framing! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your pile of quilts will be waiting for you.

  16. I love your blog!!! and the quilts you so unselfishly share with us. Haven't made a comment before---but you are going to go through your surgery wonderfully and will feel so much better with your increased mobility (I am a nurse). Take care and hurry back!

  17. Cograts on your beautiful quilts and best wishes for a wonderful new shoulder! :D

  18. Good luck with the surgery. What a great accomplishment to get so much done. The quilts are really pretty. The photos are great

  19. Congratulations on the beautiful finishes! Two of the members of my guild have had rotator cuff surgery within the last year. Both are very glad they finally did it and are now doing much better. Good luck with the surgery and do what the doctors and therapists tell you to.

  20. Wow, that's amazing...beautiful quilts. Good luck with your surgery.

  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!

  22. your right the smiles make them that much brighter! The smiles are why i quilt. Good luck with your surgery and i will miss reading your blog while your gone!

  23. Yay for finishes!! They are all beautiful! Including the girls!! I hope all goes well with your surgery, hope for a speedy recovery.

  24. You're quilts are all gorgeous, as are the models :-) Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  25. I'm with Stephanie - I love the photo of the girls wrapped in quilts - and what you said - that quilts make people happy. I think it's true!

    Beautiful work Sujata. Take good care of yourself during your recovery.

  26. Beautiful quilts.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  27. What a great way to finish before you go into hospital. Love that photo of the girls running with the quilts.

    Hope the surgery goes ok.

  28. Congratulations. There's nothing quite like finishing something is there? The quilts look great. Sorry about the surgery. Hope everything goes well and you're back to quilting quickly. Please post an update on that at least.

  29. Congrats - woohoo!!!!! good luck with the surgery!

  30. these are amazing quilts! congrats on the finishes and best wishes for a smooth and successful surgery.

  31. Great work Sujata. Thank you for share! Happy girls for happy quilts!

    Take care and be gentle to yourself while recovering. My best wishes for the surgery.

  32. I don't if my first comment went through. Sujata, I wish success with the surgery and you a speedy recovery. Your quilts are beautiful, as always!

  33. Four fantastic finishes! Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)

  34. Wahoo!!! they look great!!!! YOU CAN do IT! love the pic of you and your daughter... super sweet.

  35. Fabulous effort and they are all stunning but the 36 still waiting is a bit scary. You will just have to get better from your surgery asap.

  36. Beautiful quilts - love your choice of colours. Amazing what a bit of self-belief can do. Best wishes for a speedy recovery after your surgery.

  37. I am applauding all that you have accomplished, Sujata! You are an inspiration! Best wishes on your surgery. I hope you have a super speedy recovery and no more pain. Rest up and may you be back to quilting in no time at all!

    PS. Your daughter is a cutie!

  38. Beautiful quilts and smiles abound. Best wishes and positive healing energies for your surgery and recuperation!

  39. Well you are all 'quilted up' and can re-coup with great satisfaction! Wishing you well on your surgery!!!

  40. What a lovely, inspiring post. Congratulations on your finishes, and hope your recovery is short and you feel well soon so you can get back to finishing your beautiful quilts. Take care!

  41. Wow - that is amazing that you have so many quilts quilted all at once. I wish you well on your surgery - that it brings you back as good as new and you recover quickly.

  42. Congrats on getting 4 quilts done! That must feel good. Superwoman indeed!

    I hope your surgery went well and you're on the road to recovery. I know how hard it is to recoup from something like that. I broke my arm 2 years ago (high up near the shoulder) and had to have surgery to put a plate in to stabilize it. Rehab was hard work! Now, when I'm feeling better, I "get" to have surgery to take the plate out, and an even tougher rehab after that. So, know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you well!

  43. awesome post! I can feel your joy. and this little train is saying "I KNOW you can". Work on recovery then get back on this rewarding track of finishing the wonderful work you've started. I loved the pics of K & her the one with you!

  44. I saw your quilt in Paducah and now I see it on Nifty Quilts' blog ( How fun that you were in this show :) Love your newly finished quilts, especially the "X" your use of stripes!

  45. WOw! Those are beautiful! Just found your blog this morning, so know you're on a break to recover. Hope all went perfectly & that you'll happily back at your sewing machine soon! :)

  46. Came over from Sherri's blog to admire your quilts--they are marvelous. Can't even begin to pick a favorite! Love the improv work--so fun! Hope your recovery is going well and that you'll soon be back to quilting.
    best from Tunisia,

  47. Hope the surgery has gone well (or will if it hasn't already) and that your recovery will be quick and complete. Your color and spirit are inspiring - I only wish my own health issues didn't keep me from visiting more often.

    Kudos on the finishes - they all look great!

  48. Dearest Sujata,

    Your quilts are fantastic!! They are so beautiful & all the more so when wrapped around your lovely daughter & her friends. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to find my way to your blog. I feel terrible that I did not know sooner about your surgery. I hope you are healing well & will be quilting again in no time. You accomplishment finishing your 4 quilts is truly inspiring.

    Best wishes,


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