Monday, January 30, 2012

A feel good day!

January of 2012 is almost over! It has been almost five months since my shoulder surgery.
Last time I machine quilted a quilt was way back in August last year. I remember how good it felt to finish some quilts.

Well, after almost five months of break from machine quilting, I finally decided it was time to give it a try! And that's all I needed to do! These babies had been patiently waiting for almost two months after I basted them. I had honest intentions of finishing them before the deadline.

I guess the new deadline was today!
I spent my day quilting these baby quilts.

 Orange Baby Quilt
Blue/Green Baby Quilt

The idea was to start the year with the charity quilts. I think it is a great start!
I better pull those tops out from the closet and give them another look. It would be so nice to finish some quilts this year!


  1. both of them are beauties! I am so happy for you that your back to sewing now that your surgery is behind you....
    looking forward to seeing more projects from you soon :)

  2. Both are lovely! Simple, playful and elegant, all at the same time. You are a color genius!! Congratulations on quilting again!

  3. Congratulations Sujata - nice finishes, so glad you're feeling up to the task too! Happy day!

  4. Hooray Sujata! A great start that will propel you into the land of the finishing! Can't wait to see them.

  5. Well done. I hope your shoulder is now better than ever. And lucky babies!

  6. It's so good youre quilting again! Watch out quilts, here comes Sujata!! Both quilt are so happy and joyful.

  7. Well done Sujata!

    I'm so glad your shoulder is better and that you can now resume quilting :-)

  8. Congratulations and what a victory it is! Love these quilts...the colors, fabrics and patterns!

    Hooray for you!

  9. You're back to squares again! Wonderful color. Kicks me into doing better.


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