Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun with friends!

Barb of Fun with Barb came over yesterday for a visit. I invited my bee friends to come and join the fun.

Barb brought one my favorite quilts she made for the show and tell. I must say that pictures never do the justice to the quilts. She has designed this quilt herself and hand quilted it to perfection.
If you haven't already, check out her post about this special quilt here.

The hexagon quilt! Something, I can only dream of making!

Her star quilt in progress! It was really nice to see all those blocks in person. Thanks, Barb for spending the day with us..
Speaking of us, Kelly of Pinkadot Quilting was also here. Check out her diary blocks.

It is going to be quite a quilt. wish you all could see those blocks in person too. Her detailing is amazing!

Another one of Kelly's quilts in progress. We got together last month to work on a string quilt project. 

 Christine also brought her string quilt in progress to share. I like her green background!

Here is another one of her clever use of upholstery and home dec fabric samples in a table runner.
I think it looks better on my table!

'May Apple'  Terry Kramzar
Terry Kramzar came and did a little show and tell too!
I forgot to take the picture but you can visit her here and take a look at all the art quilts.

Jane came a little later and unfortunately I did not take the pictures of her quilts either.

I shared my latest project. It is an unusual and an evolving project. Hopefully next time I will have some better visuals for you.

Pile of fabrics for the new project
Work in progress!
My  friends!


  1. You lucky duck you!!! Great friends up close and personal with some of their lovely creations. What a fun day you all must have had!!

    I will be anxious to see more of your new project....I already like the colors!!

  2. Wow, you are a very lucky lady. Sounds like a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.
    Love your drawings in the previous post.

  3. Oh boy, What I would do to hang out with you guys!!! It's so wonderful that some of my very favourite bloggers hang out together. Your work in progress is fabulous. Beautiful earthy colours

  4. What a talented group. Did you know each other prior to blogging? How did you meet?

  5. Sujata I love seeing all of your friends and the quilts you are working on! Some amazing and unusual quilts...I'm just going to go and check out the links now.
    Happy stitching.

    Jacky xox

  6. Wow! What an inspiring day with a bunch of VERY talented quilt makers!! Lucky you!

  7. wish I would have have known!
    glad you had fun

  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful day - as always. Next tiem I want to be ther for Fun With Barb!

  9. Thanks for a fab day, we must get Barb down here more often!

  10. Thanks for a fabulous day and including me with your bee group. So fun and so inspiring. I can't wait to see their projects in the future.
    I love your window panels and can't wait to see them all together.
    The soup was delicious - thanks for the recipe!!
    wish I lived closer or their was a train...

  11. Lovely post today! SO much talent in this group! Very inspiring - must try the string quilt idea - and can't wait to see your project will be fabulous of course!

  12. Christine's table runner does look really good on your table!
    I like your work in progress. Great fabric selection.

  13. Gorgeous works! It is wonderful to know that you have had such a lovely time with your friends. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Sujata :)

  14. Oh those strings. Love that dark strip. Your current project is gorgeous too.

    Happy sewing.

  15. I love that quilt. Can't wait to see more.


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