Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steady Progress on Sunday Paper

I have been working steadily on my quilt for past few days. Once I figured out the foundation piecing, it has been a smooth sailing. Thanks to all the friends who suggested to use phone book paper instead of the newspaper, drafting, cutting and folding of the paper has been a lot easier.

Should have paid attention to those friends who were working on their quilts with foundation piecing, would have learned a few things then!

'Sunday Paper' in progress

At this point, I am not happy with the color selection but I am going to continue with this quilt and let this one be a design lesson. 

I am sure I will be making another version of this quilt at a later time.

By the way, If you are making this quilt and would like to add your name to the list on the side-bar, let me know. I will be happy to add your link.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the phone book paper. I wouldn't have thought to try that! Another option is to buy a ream of light weight copy paper. I like the various colors you're using as it makes my eyes want to travel all over your quilt, taking it all in.

  2. This is wonderful - I love the colors, maybe you'll like it more when it's quilted? Also, I love the fan blades of lighter fabric that appear at the intersections of the blocks - they look like those giant windmills we see now on the prairies.

  3. I don't know why you don't like your color selection. I like it very much!

    You may be similar to me when I've been working on something a lot. I always question it and decide I don't like it. Maybe it's fatigue from the total immersion in the piece. After a few days away from it, you can see the beauty again.

  4. LeeAnn,
    You might be right.. I just need to keep at it or take a small break and do something else and see if I still feel the same. Regardless of it all, I am piecing the Hexagons together and paying attention to all the lessons I am learning about Y seams :)

    I think you are so right on those windmills! You just reminded me of the windmill farms we had seen driving across Kansas!

  5. it's looking very pretty. i hope to see it again when all the pieces are together.

  6. I adore what you are doing here, Sujata. I think LeeAnn may be right, I get that way sometimes, too. But from my perspective the colors and patterns are popping and sizzling and melding together in a wonderfully exciting harmony!

  7. Sujata, its looking amaing! I love the colours youve chosen. I think the same as LeeAnn, I always go through a phase of not liking a quilt I'm working on, but once it comes together i like it again. Telephone pages are a great idea. I use the cheapest writing paper from the bargain shops for my foundation piecing. Theyre great if you need to print patterns as I can put the paper through my printer.

  8. Well, I certainly don't see what YOU see as to your color selection, I think it's shaping up quite nicely!

    When I came across your posts on this quilt I just happened to be using that 60 degree ruler today....I've got some phone book sheets handy and so I am going to PUSH aside what I was working on and have some play time with this! Thanks again for all the 'how to'!


  9. And just think, I was about to compliment you on the colour selection!:)
    I love the solids in it - the yellow and the acqua green.

  10. I really like your colors - the hard thing about scrap quilts to me is that it takes a LOT of blocks for them to mingle and go with each other - I love it - keep going :)

  11. Hi, Sujata. On the contrary, your colors are really dancing! I generally say "This is the worst thing I've ever made" and then keep going. And in the end, it's usually among the best. It's good to take risks.
    best, nadia

  12. I use baking parchment, but it's a lot thinner here, easy to tear and the machine doesn't chew it up. Our telephone paper is yeuch and the machine hates it.

  13. Sujata, your quilts are amazing! I too will visit this blog often.

  14. I love your colors! They remind me of the Sunday morning comics ... We'd lay on our tummies in the living room and read through them, then carefully fold them up to be saved for wrapping paper.


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