Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fragments #2 finished and more photos of Amish Quilts

Do you ever wake up in the morning with your creativity already flowing so much so that you just can't help but let it out?

This morning was one of those days for me. The rest of the family and our visiting guests were still fast asleep, I found myself in the studio, put some scraps together and finished Fragments #2

At first I had thought to wrap the back to the front for the binding. But that did not quite look right once the two sides were wrapped over. So I decided to make a scrappy binding for the quilt instead.

"Fragments" for AAQI 
The back
I got so excited to finish the quilt that I forgot about the fast finish triangles!!!
I guess this one will need rings or a sleeve on the back.

I like mini quilts that start out with a few scraps and a whole lot of satisfaction.

By the way, did you check out my previous post about the pictures of the Esprit Collection?

Here are few more photos from the collection for you to enjoy and get inspired.


  1. love your latest creation, good for you going with the flow and making it today.
    oh my these quilts are amazing, must have been wonderful to see in person, what quilting!

  2. Yea! "Fragments" is lovely. I'm sure it will fetch a nice price. As for the Espirit collection, I could look at them all day. Thanks!!

  3. Beautiful finish Sujata - and I LOVE the Espirit collection! Amish quilts were about my first big inspiration, way back (I've been quilting a loooong time), and they still are today. My creative burst today was in the garden - it was over 80 here today - I even got two mosquito bites. Crazy!

  4. love your quilts! that top one from the Esprit collection, a simple 9-Patch, has long been one of my favorites. so thrilled for you, getting to see these.

  5. Love your Fragments 2! I love little quilts like that. They're like really playing. No stress, just color and composition. Great job!

    And thanks for more of the Esprit photos. I love those quilts. How awesome it must have been to see them in person.

  6. Love this one too! It is so modern art!! I really love it!

    I have always loved the beauty of Amish quilts! Thank you so much for sharing all of these exquisite examples. I wish I could have gone to the exhibit too. But I am so glad you were able to & then share them with us here.

    Thanks Sujata!

  7. I love your fragments too!!
    ...and old Amish quilts, oh my!

  8. Fragments turned out lovely. It is going to sell fast!
    I love, love, love Amish quilts and a simple nine patch, perfect!

  9. Both of your fragments quilts are real attention getters. I love the playful spontaniety of them both..and the perle quilting adds a nice additional texture.

    Thanks so much for sharing pics of the Amish quilts. They have such a richness to them. I would have loved to see them in person.

  10. Many thanks for posting photos from the show, Sujata, as I missed it, ugh! Had planned on seeing it on Sunday with my daughter after we shopped for her graduation dress, but that proved to be a more challenging task then I had anticipated, and we ran out of time. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will show it again one day.

  11. S: motivating me....thanks. I need to show your post to my very first quilt teacher who taught a class: Amish Sparkle. The first simple 9 patch under your fragment quilt jumped right out at me as to what she taught.

  12. Let it flow!! Are you familiar with Robert Genn's theory of tapping into your creativity first thing in the morning, even before your coffee?

  13. How sneeky and fun to be hold up in your sewing heaven wilst everyone was still snug in their beds.
    Your Fragments is great and I think the scrappy binding was perfect!

    The Amish quilts are just always so pleasing to my eyes...I.LIKE.

    p.s. I posted a photo of MY (your Sunday Paper)quilt. Run over and take a peek!

  14. Love the Amish Quilts and your gorgeous snippets.

  15. Your hand quilting adds so much flavor and beauty to these little creations, Sujata! These adorable quilts from your Fragment collection are very playful and sweet! Thank you for sharing quilts from the exhibit. They are wonderful!

  16. I really love the colour combination in Fragments #2 - it will warm someone's heart.


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