Friday, March 16, 2012

A must see!

Click on the image to see it larger.

If you are a fan of vintage Amish quilts and live within driving distance to Lancaster Textile & Quilt Museum, you must go see this exhibit. It is open til Sunday.

I went to the AQS show and did not have time to visit the Textile Museum.. Had to make another trip out there and so glad I went!
I have lot more pictures but no time to post them all.

I hope this one picture is enough to convince anyone who can, should go see it!

Well, I could not resist.. Here are few more pictures from the collection!



  1. Beautiful and the quilting is gorgeous....oh now you are making me think about driving back out there!

  2. thanks for the photos. Now I really fell like I have to sneak away during my lub=nhc tomorrow to see them Who needs food anyway?

  3. the quilting is amazing, thanks so much for sharing these with us...
    I just love amish quilts

  4. Absolutely beautiful patchwork quilts. Their vibrant colors give us a look of traditional patchwork ralli quilts of Indus valley, Pakistan.

  5. Thanks for sharing these!
    We were so disappointed. WE went over to the museum and then when we got upstairs realized they had a live band playing right in front of some of the quilts. It was ear drum blowing loud rock music - what the heck?
    After a long long day at the show, we couldn't enjoy them and people were blocking them and it was a general disappointment so thank you for sharing them here!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these. I wish I could have seen them in person. The Esprit Collection was my first introduction to Amish style quilting (back in the 70's) and they are still just as breathtaking.

  7. Oh I'm so glad they let you take pictures to share with us. Is the show traveling? Will it go back to their corporate headquarters?

    Happy Sewing


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