Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old and New memories, facebook and AAQI

I know, it has been too long!  

Not a whole lot of sewing going on in my sewing room. It almost feels like I am loosing connection with my blogger friends. And it is true, not a whole lot of blog reading going on either.
Let's see...What have I been up to?

In past six weeks,
We visited my son in Berkeley, CA and met up with friends I hadn't seen in 20 years.

My husband and I went to San hose Museum of Textiles to see the Quilt National 2011exhibit. Those quilts were a treat to view from up close.

We spent a day in Golden Gate Park and visited few art museums including MOMA in San Fransisco. 

We also visited places we called home. There were many when we were starting out our lives in the U.S. I learned so much about this country and being an immigrant. We visited the Berkeley campus where my husband did his graduate studies. Back in the 80's I used to spend endless hours there with my sketch pad and pens. Our son took us to all of his favorite spots on and off the campus too and I realized that we had missed a few places when we lived there! 

That's where we became a family. Also the time when I taught myself sewing.
It was a very nostalgic trip! 

Back in the days!
I came back home with the plans of going on a retreat with friends but could not because I got sick.  

So I stayed home and ended up spending a lot of time on the computer.

That was the best thing I did in a long time!

While I was away, a friend from grade school back in India was busy setting up a fb page for our school. Through which, I have now managed to re-connect with lot of my childhood friends. 
People I haven't seen in at least 30 years since left India are suddenly back into my life! 

More importantly, I have been able to talk to my teachers. It has been an amazing experience to pick up the phone and speak with them as an adult. The feelings I am not able to describe in words. 

33 years to be exact! That's how long ago I spoke with any of them. To be able to express how grateful I am for their role in my life was a humbling experience. 

This past week, our school, 'Sanskar Jyot" which means, 'The Flame of Ethics'  had a reunion. Although the school is long gone, some 250 past students and most of the teachers were reunited. Unfortunately, being so far away, I wasn't able to participate. Thanks to all the friends in India, it has been great seeing pictures and read the stories and somehow feel part of the evening without physically being there.  
 I also got in touch with a friend who lived on the same street I did back in India. A friend, whose brother was my brother's best friend in school. We spoke for a long time about our childhood and present lives. While talking to him about his parents, I found out about his father's ongoing illness. 

Of Course, I couldn't help but make this little AAQI quilt in honor of my friend, Nipul's father.

AAQI Quilt
My blogger friends, I have missed you all by not staying connected in past few weeks.
I have missed sewing and creating for even longer. But, life is good making new friends, trying new things and welcoming old friends back in to my life. 

Hope it is true for you too!

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