Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the good company

I received an email last week  from Daphne (Sunnyside, WA) ... a volunteer Alzheimer's research, informing me that my quilt, "Fragments" was in the July auction!  
I was thrilled to read that email. There are some beautiful quilts up for auction including Andrea Balosky's "Hokey Pokey". 
My quilt #10,123 is definitely in the good company. 
You can check them out here. 

"Fragments" for AAQI # 10,123
Over the weekend, I basted the 'Sunday Paper' quilt. I was all ready to baste with safety pins and machine quilt that baby, but as I looked at all the playful prints in the quilt and changed my mind. I hand basted it so I can take my time and enjoy those prints as I hand quilt it. Hope it does not take forever. The temps are reasonable now and hopefully it wont be long before I bind that quilt! 

I also started a new quilt. Cutting up those Goodwill dresses and skirts has been fun. I have been collecting 'fabrics' from the Goodwill store for a long time. It's time to put them to good use.  

All floral prints! 
Summer is here and I am gardening on my kitchen table! 


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