Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the good company

I received an email last week  from Daphne (Sunnyside, WA) ... a volunteer Alzheimer's research, informing me that my quilt, "Fragments" was in the July auction!  
I was thrilled to read that email. There are some beautiful quilts up for auction including Andrea Balosky's "Hokey Pokey". 
My quilt #10,123 is definitely in the good company. 
You can check them out here. 

"Fragments" for AAQI # 10,123
Over the weekend, I basted the 'Sunday Paper' quilt. I was all ready to baste with safety pins and machine quilt that baby, but as I looked at all the playful prints in the quilt and changed my mind. I hand basted it so I can take my time and enjoy those prints as I hand quilt it. Hope it does not take forever. The temps are reasonable now and hopefully it wont be long before I bind that quilt! 

I also started a new quilt. Cutting up those Goodwill dresses and skirts has been fun. I have been collecting 'fabrics' from the Goodwill store for a long time. It's time to put them to good use.  

All floral prints! 
Summer is here and I am gardening on my kitchen table! 



  1. Congratulations on being selected! Nice to see you back. Take care, Byrd.

  2. How generous of you to donate your quilt! It will fetch a good price, I'm sure!
    Your webs look great, it was fun to see it again - enjoy hand quilting, it should be fun. Are you doing big stitch?
    can't wait to see what you make with the dresses - have fun

  3. Your "fragments" piece is lovely. Hope it raises lots $$$. Looking forward to seeing the results of your kitchen table "gardening"!

  4. Have fun with the hand quilting ... excellent choice for that amazing quilt.

    So many colors today!!

  5. How generous of you to donate your quilt-I love the color combination that you chose plus the hand quilting! That's a great idea to gather fabric from the goodwill store. I love thrift shops! I'll be thinking of finding "fabric" next time I visit one....

  6. Shhhh, don't tell anyone about Andrea's little quilt at AAQI - I want it all for myself! But now I see yours, and it's wonderful, too!

  7. Congrats on your Fragments!

    Hey, what design are you going to use on your webs? I just keep looking and looking at yours. I think your webs are larger that mine??? They appear larger to me. Maybe my paddles/kite shapes are just wider. I love seeing yours there on the floor, the colors are so vibrant!

    I'll be anxious to see it finished!

  8. You were right you do have some great Goodwill fabrics.
    I love your little AAQI quilt it is very you!

  9. Thanks for the link; Fragments is wonderful!

  10. I want Fragments too! Will there be a bidding war? Willy Wonky is a pretty tough bidder, I hear! :-) Also, several of us have already noted that Hokey Pokey is just perfect for Tonya, so we hope she gets it!

  11. hope your wonderful quilt raises lots of money! love the goodwill fabrics. Either the goodwills I go to don't have the fun clothes, or I'm just looking in the wrong places, cuz both you and Nifty find such cool fabric there.

  12. congrats on the AAQI quilt. and those fabrics you're playing with now are yummy, yummy, yummy. good eye with the thrift shop clothes.

  13. Congratulations on your AAQI quilt! I'm sure it will fetch a high price. Love your idea for hand quilting that treasure of a quilt. Glad to see you're inspired to make something new as well. All beautiful prints!

  14. Congrats, Sujata! Your piece will certainly bring in the big bidders. And love love love those new/old fabrics. Whatever you come up with will be brilliant. sew sew girl.

  15. I love your little quilt!! It'll raise lots of money for sure!! My friend Heidi from libellenquilts.blog made the wonderful nine patch on red background, that's in the auction too. Sunday Paper will be beautiful hand quilted. I really like that you are doing it so you can enjoy the fabrics. I love your pile of recycled fabrics!! My local thrift stores are ridiculously expensive.

  16. Your little quilt is a beauty!
    And I'm looking forward to seeing your use of all the florals. (I finally finished my floral scrappy quilt-come visit my blog to see it in it's scrappy glory!) :D

  17. love your little quilt, hope it raises lots of money!
    the sunday paper quilt is just wonderful....someday I will get one made too....
    what fun I do a lot of gardening thru fabrics too!
    nice to see you posting again :)
    and sewing again!

  18. I'm bidding! Since I Missed getting one at the Guild Auction.


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