Monday, July 2, 2012

While I was sewing...

In the kitchen......

I got distracted..
It is easy to do when your window has this view....

It was the hottest day of June.

By the early afternoon, our birdbath was almost empty..This little family arrived and I watched...

Go ahead.. click on this picture

 Everyone was happy until more of them arrived...

There was a brief commotion.

And then there was quiet...

After a short break of peeking out the window, I filled up the birdbath and went back to sewing.


  1. Hi,Sujata
    What lovely birds! I love those photos and your colorful quilt too!
    Have a good day,Sujata.


  2. Nice kind of distraction, watching the birds - I love it! and I also love those triangles you sewed together to make little squares, or maybe big squares?

  3. sweet! that is worth being distracted!!

  4. Great happy bird fotos! Love the outrageous floral blocks. Helps me stay inspired.

  5. OOOOOHH what are you making?
    Adorable birds, they have been very active in my yard lately too. Do you think it is the hot weather?

  6. i love it. thanks for sharing it. wow, those colors of your blocks! they are amazing!! exciting!

  7. Thank you Sujata. We quilters do need to look up from our work now and then. Keep cool and take care! Byrd

  8. Sujata, youve really made me smile with this beautiful post!! Your photos are so wonderful, such sweet little birds. I try to take photos of birds and they fly away. I love your half squares, those fabrics and colours make my heart sing!

  9. What a fun story! Aren't you glad you had your camera nearby. Your hst's are looking wonderful. Those older fabrics just make the quilt so joyous.

  10. What a lovely view from your kitchen ! Happy and joyful moments going on there. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you are going to create with those colourful squares !

  11. I loved your "bird story" which is what it felt like. The house finch is lovely with his red feathers.
    They love a drink and bath on a hot day, don't they.
    What fun and colorful HTS! can't wait to see how you set them.

  12. I can never get to my camera fast enough to get good photos of birds, yours are great. Something fabulous is being made I think with those patches.


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