Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Painted Zigzag

Oil Pastels come to mind when I see this quilt. 

It's made of total of 81 blocks, Nine HSTs per block. I made total 739 of them. 
Oh and the HSTs are finished 3".

This is how my design wall looks right now. 

Painted Zigzag
The quilt measures 81" X 81". I am debating whether to add another row at the bottom so it is long enough for the bed.
 Here is a close up of the quilt in progress. 

Click on the picture to see it in full screen. And, don't look for perfection.. You wont find it here. The fabrics varied in content and in counts. There is even one piece with polyester in it. 

After sewing first few blocks I figured out that this quilt required two different blocks. In other words,  a mirror image of the first block.

It is set with nine rows, each containing nine blocks. 
Row 1,3,5,7 and 9: made with block - A
Row 2,4,6 and 8: made with block - B

I drew out the illustration for those who might be interested.
Let me know if you are impressed with my high-tech drawing.
You may want to pay close attention to the direction of pressing the seams. 
It might make piecing of the quilt a lot easier later. 
Block - A

Press the seams in the direction of the arrows.
Once the rows are sewn, press the seams in one direction. Make total of 45 blocks. 

While setting the blocks, simply rotate alternating block upside down. 
Refer to the illustration or the close up of the quilt.
 (In the picture Block - B is on the top and bottom and block - A is in the middle)


Press the seams in the direction of the arrows. Once sewn in rows, press the seam in the same direction as Block - A
You will need 36 of Block - B
Again rotate each alternating block upside down. 

Super easy, simple and quite graphic.

I love my 'Painted Zigzag'. 

At first I though I should call it 'Summer Storms' 

The floral prints, all the thunderstorms in past week or two, sewing with the view of the garden and the original name in the book, Bold Improvisation "Streak of Lightening", all were pointing towards that name. But once I put the blocks on the design wall, all I could think of was old paint boards with paint chipping off. Layers and layers coming through those chiseled zigzag.. 

And so, 'Painted Zigzag' it is.

LeeAnn thought it would be a good idea to start a quilt-along. I think she already did. 
Wouldn't you agree?

I will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding this quilt. Just send me an email. 


  1. I think it turned out very cool, just like you!

  2. I've always loved zig-zag quilts and now, drooling over yours (and LeeAnn's), I feel that there is definitely one in my near future!
    Just fabulous!!

  3. Lovely...makes me smile looking at it!

  4. Wonderful, simply wonderful!! It does look like old paint. Your painterly ways are shining through again.

    I think someone will host a quilt-along in a few weeks.

  5. Your quilt is quite lovely Sujata!! I think you picked the perfect name for it!!

    Your fabrics are most interesting!!!


  6. OMG it is beautiful add the extra row, you will be sorry if you ever want to use it on the bed...
    thanks for the tutorial....I just love this design

  7. Love love the quilt and the name. Brilliant. I vote make it large enough for a bed. Yes, yes, I know. that means *** more blocks, but it would be so nice to have on any bed anywhere.

  8. No way, I can't believe all you have gotten done since the last time I looked in! Oh yes add another row so you can use it on the bed.....it is so pretty you'll never want to put it away!


    Happy Sewing

  9. Add my name to those who love your quilt! Would love to make a whole quilt like this some day - but in the meantime, your hst's have been included in my current project!

  10. Gorgeous. Thank u for the tutorial. I am getting closer to making a zig zag quilt. U have inspired me to do it.

  11. what a wonderful quilt ! It's now on my toDo List :-) And having just completed an ocean waves I'm very grateful for the help with the direction of the seams.
    And yes... I would add a row, too :-)

  12. I just love your quilt and the fabrics are perfect, they remind me of many of my vintage prints - oh dear, that means another on my "Must do" list!!

  13. Your Painted Zigzag is an amazing quilt Sujata. I could gaze at it for hours there is so much beautiful fabric in there. Wow! xo

  14. Love it, too! Gorgeous colors, bold and fun quilt...
    ; )

  15. Sujata, I love visiting your blog, I'm always rewarded with beautiful things to look at, wonderful stories like how you came up with the name, and I learn something, thank you for sharing your notes, I'll be studying those because I'll be joining in the QAL hosted by Smazoochie that will start in August sometime. I'll be secretly wishing I had your combo of fabulous fabrics :)

  16. Your ziggy zaggy is totally awesome, so vibrant and alive, I love it. Thank you for sharing the blocks, I love to see how you figured it all out.

  17. I feel your pain, I made one recently and my precious little HST were finished size..... 2 1/2 inches.. My first quilt, thank the good Lord I had enough sense to make it a throw size. I pieced mine in rows instead of blocks.. Not sure one is any easier than the other. It's on my flickr page under my flickr id MsSpy. Love your colors... It's a HAPPY quilt!

  18. It is very pretty, Sujata! And the name is fitting! Those colorful florals on blocks do give the illusion of painted panels! You have a wonderful imagination :)
    Thank you for showing the way you put the blocks together!
    Have a lovely day :)

  19. Amazing quilt! You really know how to put fabrics together to make something look so stunning.

  20. What a wonderful quilt! Love the fabrics and how you put it together!!

  21. Painted Zigzag is a great name for this quilt. I see a lot of peeling paint in my house and am kinda liking it. The Shabby Chic look is looking good to me now! I am going to make some hst's and try to quilt along.

  22. looks so great! Mine will look similar, but I'm using flying geese.
    I love the throw size, but longer is always good.
    Hope you have fun at Hershey

  23. I just love this quilt and the spirit in which it was made. I believe you've inspired me to do my own, with scraps. Thanks for taking the time to draw the instructions for the blocks and arrangements.

  24. Love, love, love it! I'm on a zigzag kick right now so a quilt along is a must. I'll be watching to see when one starts, if I can wait for it!

  25. I'm wondering what size squares you Need to start with so you have a finished HST at 3 inches.

  26. working on one--wonderful quilt.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Hi, Sujata. Superb quilt--so much energy in those zigzags and the colors are lively. Hope your summer is full of stitching!
    best, nadia

  28. It is fabulous - I love the pinks on the back of it too!!


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