Sunday, August 12, 2012

A summer garden story

When I was a little girl, we visited our grandmother's house every summer. She lived in Gokul, home of the Lord Krishna near the banks of the Yamuna river. The temperatures during those summer days in northern India used to be so high, we spent most of our time on the sandy beach of the river. Apart from digging the wells with our bare hands, making sand castles and picking wild berries from the bushes near by, we would attempt to catch baby frogs and turtles with our little hands. Occasionally we would be successful too. Those little frogs were so slimy we could hardly keep them in our hands more than few seconds. It was fun to watch them swim away when we released them back in the river.

The frog plays violin.
Well, I got little side tracked. This is not the story about my childhood but just wanted to share the roots of why I have frogs in my garden. They sit quietly and remind me of my childhood.

This is a story about a chipmunk and the frog who plays violin in my garden.

 Chipmunk found the frog
He wondered and wanted to ask the frog if he was lost but the frog continued playing his violin.
He stood there for a while listening to the music.
He looked around and saw a crowd gathering.
They were so happy they started singing along.
He begged and pleaded the frog to let him play a bit.

The frog said, "Yes!" After all, he was a music loving soul. They played the violin together!   

The End!

I took my little one to the very same sandy beach one summer when she was seven months old.
Oh the years have gone by! Here she is with my big sister.

A different type of garden is developing in my studio.
I will come back with more pictures.

Meanwhile, check out some ideas for scrap quilts on Basket Full of Scraps.


  1. Thanks for sharing your childhood memory. Your frog & the chipmunk are so cute. I'm intrigued by your flower pot & bird -- glad you are stitching again -- I always love what you make.

  2. Lovely post today, you can really paint a picture! Your story would make a charming children's book - illustrated with your drawings? hmmmm...Can't wait to see what develops with your latest project!

  3. Hi,Sujata.
    I like to read your childhood memory.It is so sweet! You are very happy to have such a lovely daughter! I have two sons.

    I also like your frog and chipmunk. The Japanese like Frog ornament too. Frog is pronounced 'Kaeru' in Japanese. Kaeru means returning. So It is believed that your frog returns to you with happiness.
    Have a good day!

  4. What a sweet story, and so beautifully illustrated! It made me smile, as did your memory and the photo of your sister and daughter. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  5. Sujata, This is such a wonderful post that really made my heart smile. I loved hearing about your childhood. Seeing the frog and chipmunk play music together was wonderful!! Your new project is looking amazing as always, and you know I love your scrappy squares!!!

  6. Sujata what a touching tale of the frog and I love the chipmunk that is chatting with him!
    What are you creating in that studio missy???

  7. Great story! Love the scrappy blocks!

  8. Thank you for sharing your memories. We also have frogs in our garden and throughout the house.
    I love the blocks you're working on, so much color, as a garden should be.

  9. What a wonderful memory you have shared with us...thank you.

  10. Omg! Sujata, what an adorable story of your frog and chipmunk! I love love love your pictures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories and a cute story! I adore that picture of your sister in her red sari and your cutie-pie playing in the sand!
    Your projects are free-flowing and full of surprises! It is a delight to watch them unfurling :)

  11. What a wonderful garden story. I love the little sculpture, it is so sweet and the story with the chipmunk is adorable and sweet.
    I loved the photo your daughter and sister on the beach.
    Can't wait to see more of the bird and branch project.

  12. Your garden is a symphony! How lovely and inspiring. You're reminding me to slow down and see the magic.

  13. How much fun. You could get the photos made into a book.

  14. You have brought tears of joy to my eyes. Your story is so sweet and touching. It should be written into a children's book and published.
    As always, your quilts and blocks are inspiring. You always bring such joy

  15. Hi Sujata. I am just popping over from Rachael's post about your house block. i just love all that sunshine your block exudes. Your wonderful stories in this post are beautiful.

  16. What a lovely post. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  17. I just love your frog story--it could be a children's book!!
    Enjoy your blog so much Julierose


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