Saturday, August 18, 2012

More zigzag quilts

  Made by Cindy Gilbrough
"Streak of Lightening" made by Dorothy Leboeuf AKA Buffy
Cindy made her quilt with repetition of one block. It creates the movement I illustrated in my earlier post. I love the feeling of wild and free in Cindy's quilt. I also love the muted and marbleized effect of thrift market shirts in Buffy's quilt. 

I still haven't made my last of the blocks for the quilt. Happily got a little side tracked with other important things in life. My sister visited from Canada and now my son is here to enjoy last few days of his summer break. Little sister can not be happier!

Soon they will be back to school and I will have all the time in the world to quilt. So I choose to be away from the sewing room at the moment and we are cooking and chatting up a storm around the kitchen table.

Between the meals and other breaks I try to see what everyone is up to in the blogland. I found Julia Wood of Green Quilts also working on her zigzag blocks. She makes one block a day. Don't you think it is a great idea? Something to work on everyday that is consistent and doesn't take much time. It also keeps you focused without having to think what to do when you enter the sewing room.

I found Kim and Beth working on their zigzag quilts too. They were inspired by LeeAnn's quilt you already may have seen.

Are you inspired? Want to join the fun?

My friend, Beth of Smazoochie started a QAL for streak of lightning just in time. Visit here and read all about it. There is a flickr group for those who are interested.

Have a great weekend!
I am going to see what's so funny in the family room.

I almost forgot!

Have you visited Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy? She is one of my favorite Aussie bloggers. I love her spirit and funky personality and she is talking about me in her Fun Friday Feature.

Go check it out! 


  1. I love the zigzag quilts, very beautiful and so eye-catching. So lovely for you to have family visiting. xo

  2. The zig zag quilts are so much fun to look at. I think I have a few in my art quilters' group interested in making one and of course I need another zig zag quilt, I've only made 5 ot 6 from various methods!!

  3. All those zig zag quilts are looking fabulous....I especially love the last photo. Your quilt is amazing, and wonderful feature at Blue Mountain Daisy.

  4. The zig-zag quilts are wonderful... and yours I just adore. Spot on fabulous! Have fun with those beautiful kids of yours while they are home!

  5. What a wonderful time it is when we get to be with family. I hope you enjoy every single minute together. Your quilting will be waiting, patiently! PS I'm with you on Cindy's quilt...I love how scrappy it is, and the occasional use of blue really pops it. Looking forward to time to make my own...

  6. I'm so glad you showed Cindy's and Buffy's quilts! I had a faint recollection of them, but no photos. I remember when Cindy made hers, several years ago. It was our first Rebels challenge--to make something from something bought at a thrift store. Cindy found the pink dot pajama pants. She is also the first one I know who made a quilt based on the one in the Bold Improvisation book. Buffy's is stunning, as are all of her quilts!

  7. Welcome home Shail! I now how happy you rmom is to see ou!!!

  8. I love the colors! Enjoy your family-that's a great photo of them with such happy smiles :-)

  9. I've seen Buffy's before -- I love the muted palette. Cindy's is new to me & terrific! It looks so optimistic! An upward-trending chart!
    So lovely you got some family time. And thanks for the shout-out!

  10. I love your zig zag quilts. I'm still trading flying geese with 2 friends then I'll make mine.
    Love the photo of your happy kids!
    enjoy - my house seems very empty.

  11. Wow!! These zig zags are wonderful!! I often say this but isn't it great how different quilters interpret the same pattern in such different ways. You must be loving having a house full of family laughter!! Such a great photo of your children, beautiful smiles!!

  12. Hi, Sujata. You seem to have inspired quite a number of people to try out the zigzag design. So many possibilities with it.
    best, nadia

  13. Such happiness and joy with the family and the quilts. Thanks for sharing all. Your posts always make my day!


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