Friday, November 30, 2012

Excitement is in the air!

It has been busy here in this household. I don't even know where to start. Sewing has been on the back burner for some time due to many celebrations. "Diwali", also known as the Festival of Lights being one of them. It is the celebration of Hindu New Year. Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Diwali is also celebrated with family and friends. There were lots of parties and perfect occasion to be wrapped in silk saris.

It's a good thing that I have all my Indian clothes out because I have been busy making plans for some travels. We are going to visit India this winter. It has been only two and half years since my last visit but a long time for rest of the family. And it is quite special this time around because all my siblings are going to be together with my mom after at least 14 years at the same time.

Just can't wait!

While in India, we are going to travel to the state of Rajasthan, Partial home of Ralli Quilts and mind blowing embroidered work. I am looking forward to the opportunity of seeing those craftsmen/women work from up close. It's going to be a real treat.

Jaisalmer is a city known as The Golden City. Here is the link of Google Images for this place.  Total eye candy!

Jodhpur is another nearby city I am going to be walking the streets of. It is known as the Blue City!

Check these images out! I can hardly hold my excitement.
I think about being in the middle of it all and my heart stops a beat!

I wonder what kind of quilts I will be working on after this trip. It has been very slow around here as far as quilting goes but still keeping busy with lots of wonderful things.

Blue and Orange have got my attention this year. Check out my Pin boards on Pinterest and you will know exactly what I mean.

This is the quilt I had made in 2004 after a visit back home in 2002. It is still one of my favorites of all the quilts I have made.

Soooo looking forward to visit the land of colors and textures where lots of family and old friends eagerly await, many new and familiar sites to visit.

To show our kids the world so different from theirs is going to be an experience of a lifetime!

Just can't wait!

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