Thursday, January 24, 2013

India Part 1

It has been just about a week since I got back from India.

I have been unpacking and rearranging my life here. After the overload of colors, textures and inspiration my brain has sort of frozen in these current time and temperatures. All I can think is how much fun these past few weeks have been. Meeting long lost friends and traveling with family has made me want to visit India more often from now on. I am also feeling a bit lonely. After spending so much time with loved ones, being back in my quiet house with all the time on my hands makes me a little bit disoriented if that's the right way to describe it.

It's difficult to make the switch, change gears and get back to the life here but I am almost there. I think you all will enjoy some pictures from the trip. Must warn you, it is a picture heavy post. All other stories and information will trickle in as time goes... I hope!

Peacocks in wild
  Parrots with best seats in the house!
Elephants frozen in time

 Did I say peacocks in wild? 
Shepherd heading home at the end of the day
This was the view from the top of an intensely carved stone temple . Although pictures can't do the justice, I am going to try anyway. You may want to click on the pictures to see the true beauty of it all.

My favorite men
Can you tell I like birds?  

There was something definitely mysterious up there. 

Hundreds of years old leftover half carved and unused stones still remained on the ground telling their own stories. How beautiful is that? I wish I could bring home one or two in my suitcase.

He must have done something right for having this as his bed.

I spy a sparrow... can you?

She walked around with her journal at all times.

There was lot more to see. The Blue City, nestled at the foot of the fort was absolutely breath taking. 
I will be back with those pictures.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope this year has begun with nothing but good for all of you.