Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Zigzag?

May be!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this quilt on Pintrest. It's an antique quilt that's for sale on ebay. I don't know what it is about the zigzag pattern that's so inviting. I love the movement. This one in particular is so simple yet so attractive!

It is interesting that I found it during this week while working on my other zigzag. Yes, that..

I admit it. I had never finished putting the top together. I needed one or two extra rows to make it a usable size. So past week I spent some time making few more blocks.

This morning spent few hours before my Zumba class putting a panel together.

Last week I was little down missing the colors and textures in my life. My friend Kelly helped by suggesting that I would have to surround myself with colors of my own! She was so right!

I am loving working on my queen size zigzag made from the Goodwill cloths. 

This is the final layout. Unless I goof and something has to change. 

Mean while, I am wondering.. Would you all be interested in making another Zigzag?

The one I saw on ebay reminded me of something I recently saw during the visit to India.  Flags.. In India we call flags or flowers strung in a strin, 'Toran'. Pathways are decorated with colorful flags during religious and cultural celebrations. These pictures below are from the fort we visited. 

They make me want to go back!!!

I am going to go back by making a Toran quilt. If you are interested in a quilt-along, look for simple instruction in coming week. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. YES i still need to make a zig zag quilt so please lets see another quilt along!

  2. wonderful inspiration! love those zig zags and their "new" name!

  3. great photos..... and I love zig-zag, you can make it so personal

  4. Yes please to a zig zag quilt along. Like Kathie I've yet to make one...

  5. I love the zig zag you found on Pinterest. I saw it on Ebay and kept going back to admire it. Your zig zag is really stunning, the colours are glorious!! I'm looking forward to seeing your Toran quilt!

  6. That's a great quilt on eBay, but I like yours even more. I've set one aside that needs to be finished too.

  7. I love, love, love your zig zag quilt!! So glad you got it finished and that it will soon be in use. I also saw the old zig zag quilt, and was so inspired by it.

  8. I also fell for the same zig zag quilt -- perhaps a psychological analysis of persons drawn to zig zags is called for? ;-)
    I love hearing about your trip.

  9. Wow! your zig zag looks so festive and fun and wonderful!! I love the exuberant colors.
    I am hoping to get back to mine this week too!
    enjoy and I'm glad it is bringing you some colorful joy!

  10. That ebay quilt is really spectacular, Your zigzag is beautiful too, red is a good medicine for winter, and I love your photos of India with the banners overhead. It is such a treat to see what you are making...Karin

  11. I SOOOO enjoy your designs and color sense!!! Your baskets and zigzag are probably among my favorites over all of all modern quilts I've seen!!! They just are my cup of tea!!! I recently moved to a town that has the newly founded Texas Quilt Museum....and I am not a quilter, but sew and love fabric and I am anxious to participate there in some way. I would love to try a zigzag! Do you teach it online? I have plenty of sewing machines, even an old hand crank and a featherlite....loved all your pictures and that you seem to be very family oriented! Blessings to you....your work is beautiful, beautiful, ....I am an artist and art your quilts are like art to me....

  12. Breaking up all the zigzags make the design so much more interesting. I saw those flags too when I visited the fort but I didn't know what they were about. Thanks for sharing.

  13. That vintage zig zag quilt is a beauty!!! and I love your thrift shop one too. Would like to have a play with this pattern!
    And those Toran flags...I love the look of bunting flapping in the breeze. I might just have to follow along and see what you're up to.

    Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful colour and your story.

    Jacky xox

  14. Is this the quilt you were telling me about? LOVE it and yes I want to play along. Hurry!
    Isn't it amazing what we can get done in that hour or so before zumba?

  15. Beautiful quilt in the making :) and the thoran pictures bring back nice memories!

  16. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of India, I hope we get to see more. Your zigzag quilt is stunning, I can't believe all those yummy colours come from Goodwill cloths!

  17. I absolutely LOVE this antique quilt, and love your interpretations too! Just wondering...Do your tutorial measurements relate to the antique's dimensions or are you's whispering to me to make a version . :-)

    Ps really enjoyed your photo essay on the blue city of Jodphur. How totally wonderful whimsical and delightful! How gorgeous all our cities would be with more colour!


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