Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My fascination for Zigzag

Well, It took just few hours of my weekend and I have finished sewing the quilt top together. It is amazing what few words of encouragement from a friend, few very inspiring posts in the blogland and your own will to work on a project can accomplish in short amount of time.

Tomorrow I am getting some extra lights installed in our family room. Can you tell by the larger font I am using here? 
I need help.. more lights, reading glasses... Approaching 50 this year. I will take whatever help I can get.


Th past weeks I had set up my sewing machine at the kitchen table as usual. I just couldn't bear (or is it bare?) the thought of my house seen like a big mess when the crew arrives. So I had no choice but to finish the top.

Here it is in one piece. Yay!

Painted Zigzag 81'' X 90'' Blocks 9'' X 9'' squares 3'' X 3''

I am pretty pleased with it. This picture really doesn't do the justice to the top. The quilt is too big to photograph anywhere but in the basement. The light is never that great. 

I tried taking some shots in the day light in the office on a gray day.

And by the fireplace.

But they all turned out more of the same.

This is the last of this Painted Zigzag you will see for a while. Most likely I will send this one out to a long-arm quilter.

I have so many other Zigzag tops I could be working on right now.

Here is the one I made in 2008 for my sister. For some reason I can not find any pictures in my files but take a look at the flickr page to see it. It was made from five inches finished squares.

I do have a 'thing' for zigzags. Now to start another one? I heard from a lot of you that the ebay quilt (previous post) has been around for some time. And a lot of you have been inspired by it. 

It will be fun to see what everyone does with this inspiration.  

I will be back with my version of it for sure. Hopefully this next one wont be as wild and crazy!




  1. Sew very colorful, vibrant and cheery...in spite of the lighting, and the weather!


  2. Looks fabulous from where I'm sitting! You never fail to inspire! Love the one from 2008, too!

  3. Your Painted Zig Zag is so wonderful!! I love all those rich, bright colours together. What size finished squares is this quilt? It's fun that you are starting a new one, enjoy zigging and zagging.

  4. What a fun, vibrant and amazing quilt!!

  5. Just beautiful! I love your colors and the movement is wonderful!

  6. So beautiful!! I've posted the one Helen's quilt that was inspired by yours, and I'll add a link back to yours. :D

    PS. I know about the need for more light!We just changed out some light bulbs, and the LED bulbs offer so much more light- whiter too. It's a bit of a change, but now we love it!

  7. It looks wonderful all stitched together....love the photos, it looks beautiful draped too.

    Jacky xox

  8. I can just imagine how much more colorful it would be in person. It is beautiful. And I, too, know what you mean about needing more light. The older I get . . . . . . . .

  9. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish! Your description of it looking like oil pastels is perfect...

  10. I know what you mean about grey days and photographing quilts, as I have the same problem here in the Seattle area. But I can see that your zig zag quilt is beautiful, and I know it's vibrant and colorful! Wish I could see it in person. And doesn't it feel good to have it put together? Whoo hoo!

    I still haven't even started a zig zag quilt, but it's still calling to me. I just have to make up my mind what style of fabrics to go with. That's the hard/fun part!

  11. Love your zig zag--the colors are terrific together!

  12. You have rocked the zig zag, it's so exhuberant and exciting looking. I think I have to make one of these one day, I'll just add it to my list of inspirations.

  13. I love your zig zag quilt.I am so INTO zig zags.
    Have you made one with rectangles rather than triangles? So easy.

    Did that quilt in the last post sell on ebay? I really like it. I see it was in Austin Texas. My son is hoping to move there!

  14. Wonderful! Beautiful! Congratulations. I want to say this is my favorite of your quilts, but there are so many others that take my breath away. I so love your work!

  15. Wow! It is just lovely and SO full of life! Just makes you smile!!

  16. Wow! Your zigzag quilt is just beautiful and SO full of life!!

  17. Man-o-man-o-man! this is one gorgeous quilt, Sujata. It looks like it was painted in oils. Beautiful color work ...Julierose

  18. Great photos of your zig zag quilt! It is beyond fun and I love the movement and studying it.
    How will you quilt it?

  19. LOVE IT!!! If your photos don't do it justice, which I think looks FABULOUS, then it must be truly amazing in person!!

    I have always admired your talent for putting the best fabrics and colors together!

  20. Fabulous quilt! I just love the riot of colour.

  21. I could look at this quilt forever! I would have loved to watched your process -- did you just sit an sew blocks, then put them together or did you make blocks & layout in tandem? The color groupings is what is so powerful.


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