Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back after a long break!

I never planned for this long of a break. We all know how difficult it is to being back to anything after months of absence. I have been away for a month or so before but, over three months is just way too long! So much has happened in last few months but my studio is still as clean as last time I stepped in it. Everything is on the shelf and the way I arranged it a few months back.

So what have I been up to? You must wonder! The first month went by just thinking I had nothing to report. Then suddenly life got busy with all kinds of celebrations!

I must warn you, this is a picture heavy post!

My daughter, Kavita went to her senior prom!

I know, you would like to see the dress :0

No, I did not make it!

Soon after I took these pictures, we flew out west to San Francisco to celebrate our Son, Shail's graduation. Added bonus was our older son, Gautam who flew down from Seattle to join us.

Seems to me, Shail is still growing. Every time I see him, he looks another inch taller!

We did some site seeing of their old favorite places in the Bay Area, visited some good old friends and revisited the town where our kids started their lives. While we were there, Shail got an offer and accepted a job at Toyota, Ann Arbor. We are so proud!


It was nice to be walking amongst the tall trees again!

Nilesh and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in June.

And, soon after that we attended Kavita's High school graduation. As one of the presidents of student council, she got to introduce the graduates during the ceremony. it was such a proud moment! She is looking forward to starting her communications honors program in Boston this fall.

This is certainly a new phase in our lives. With one son in Seattle, one is Ann Arbor and youngest in Boston, our family is now all over the states!

After Kavita's graduation, fun continued with a wedding of our niece in California.

I even took part in a traditional ceremony offerings of goodies to the family members of  the bride and groom.  You can tell, I took advantage of wearing my saris every chance I got.

Now we await for Shail to come home this week before he starts his new job. Next few weeks is going to be nothing but time well spent with my kids and other family members.

I  hope all of you are having a wonderful summer so far. Thanks to those friends who have asked about my where about. I have been around...Just not sewing as much. I have been a  bad blogger friend, have hardly  done any blog-reading in past 3 months. But I hope to get back to it as soon as possible.

This fall is going to be different. I am looking forward to the bittersweet times of being an empty nester. Hopefully, life will be interesting with all the layers and textures of events that are yet to be revealed.

Have a wonderful week!

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