Monday, September 9, 2013

Let me introduce myself

I don't even know where to begin!

It has been so long, I have forgotten how to blog! You all know how difficult it is to come back after a long break from posting. Well, it has been a busy summer but that goes without saying since I have been absent from it all.

Now is the time to restart, re-energize this blog, more importantly, reconnect with all of you and re-introduce myself as newly crowned 50 years old, empty-nester!

Yes, I turned 50 in August. My husband planned the biggest surprise of my life. I am not much of a party girl. This was huge for me. Both my sons showed up in the morning of my birthday and both sisters drove from Toronto with their families. By the evening, there were 37 family members from both sides in the house ranging from 4 months to 85 years of age! I truly feel blessed and loved.

It was Shail's 22nd birthday too. We share the same birthday! It was wonderful to have all three of them in the house at the same time after almost two years.

They all came and left! built more memories before Kavita left for college.

The house is empty and quiet for little over two weeks now. We have only lived here for about six years but it is amazing how quickly memories are made. I miss her but not crying my eyeballs out. And, that is a good thing. That only means that we are trusting her abilities of being on her own and feeling rather happy that everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Summer is over and it's time to change gears - quilt more, sew more, have friends come over for visits and sleep over and take weekend trips to near by cities. Life is good!

I pulled out my Sunday Paper and started quilting outdoors in the evenings just to hold on to these last few long days of summer. 

I have decided to keep it simple, in the ditch quilting and complete the quilt before the cooler days of fall arrive.

Next in the line is this old Zigzag Quilt. A huge quilt, definitely going on the machine.   

Looking forward to working on many old and new projects this fall. Can't wait to share it all again from this corner!

It's good to be back!


  1. Hooray! So glad to see you again in this space. And happy for you, seeing your family all well and happy.

  2. welcome back , you were missed :-)

  3. welcome back! I am so glad your going to blog again
    I always love to see the quilts your working on , you have made and of course when you share about the process.
    It will take time to get used to the quiet house and no longer being Mom's taxi....

  4. Glad you are back, can't wait for the days to come!

  5. It's so nice to see you and your quilts again!! I so look forward to seeing your projects again. xo

  6. Welcome back, indeed!! We are also savoring the end of summer (shorter days, more slanted shadows, slightly more bearable temperatures).

    Happy to see you stitching (and your wonderful family photos).

  7. Hi again! I took the summer off from blogging too- didn't mean to, but life was just too full to take the time. And now my computer died, and we've made the switch to a Mac!!! Now I have to learn how to use it, so that's slowing me down too.

    I love your work, and look forward to seeing it all!!

  8. It's great to have you back blogging Sujata!!!! Happy belated birthday!! it's great to hear you celebrated in such a special way. It's lovely to see you quilting Sunday Paper in the garden making the most of those warm evenings.

  9. yay for having such a good time. happy belated birthday!

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful prelude to life as an empty nester. Isn't it wonderful to have quilting?

  11. great to see you back!
    Looks like a great family summer!!
    love your quilting and working outside is so lovely!

  12. Welcome back and Happy Birthday! We've all missed you and your creations both living and fabric!

  13. It is wonderful to read your words again. I have missed you, and so has hundreds of others for sure. Wish I could have been there to celebrate your birthday. Sounds like the best party ever. I know you miss Kavita, and she misses you, but those gears will begin to run smoothly in no time. And looks as if you have lots of great projects to keep you busy as you adjust to that empty nest. Remember it won't be empty for long. They will be back.

  14. Love the pic of you quilting outside, and I adore your zigzag quilt. After living in San Francisco for eight years, my youngest daughter is now living nearby again, so you never know where your kids will end up. Most important thing is that they are happy! Glad you got to spend some time with your kids, and create some wonderful memories.

  15. Happy Birthday! What a lovely surprise to have all the family turn up.
    Loving the quilts. My excuse for not blogging other than being busy is that I can't find the cord for my pictures :)
    Just bought a new one today (watch the old one turn up! LOL)
    Worthing, UK

  16. Hello, Sujata
    It is so good to see you again.
    I love blogging, but we also often need breaks. Love to see you quilting outdoors!
    Have good days, Sujata.

  17. Welcome back! Glad that you enjoyed your birthday. I love your zigzag quilt colors and the way they work together.

  18. Beautiful pictures of your family, Sujata! Belated Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to many delightful posts from you!
    Happy quilting!

  19. It's good to see a post from you. A new era for you, with your children not living at home....funny how one's life can seem to be the same for so long and then suddenly everything seems different, and then adjustments need to be made.
    Best wishes for many happy days ahead.

  20. You packed in so much info and so many lovely pics I feel like I know you so much better... first time to your blog but will subscribe :) Glad you enjoy hand quilting ... it is the only way I quilt ... I also keep a table nearby and quilt outside... I just don't use a hoop as I find they limit me.

    Thanks for writing and hope you keep us informed on how your handquilting is going and machine quilting on your great chevron quilt!


  21. glad you are back-lovely children and a happy belated birthday to you! I will be joining that club next year as well!

  22. A little hand quilting is the perfect addition to a day. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog. I shall be 50 next month but we still have all eight children at home (our youngest is only 5 years old) - although the oldest two may be heading off to uni next year.


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