Thursday, August 28, 2014

This and That

A small wall hanging done with minimalistic approach..

Mix of old and new..

I had some fun with sunlight and shadows...

A birthday gift of a mug rug from Kelly... I turned 51 this month...another year older and wiser!

Although the fun I had with this mug rug suggests something other than old.

I found a place for the mug-rug somewhere other than under a mug.


This was the scene above my fire place.

He is all decked up! Kelly, it looks just beautiful! Thank you!

I felt sorry for the little calf...

So I made one for him too!

  And now they look just right!

A pin cushion from Christine could not have come at a better time..I needed one that would sit steadily on the table. Thank you, Christine!

It was my turn to host my quilting group. It was a great day spent with friends talking about quilts and life over chocolate cake and raspberry sauce. Even I had a piece of cake.. Very unusual of me to eat chocolate cake or any for that matter. My friend Terry is going on another hike tomorrow.. This time in Maine climbing Mt.Katahdin. She loves anything chocolate.. I had to bake her a cake! She is so brave and amazingly talented! I am always inspired by her adventures.

Go Terry! I will be thinking of you!


  1. I love that quilt! It looks even better in real life.

  2. How festive your bull and calf look! Happy birthday

  3. I love your vase quilt, wow. simple yet so graphic and great fabric choices.
    I saw the quilt on Kellys blog its adorable I am glad your bull has a quilt now and the calf needed one too! Didn't want him to feel left out! LOL just wonderful, I love the colors you chose adding that hint of blue in there wow!
    thanks for sharing…..always inspiring

  4. Oh, what fun! Your bulls look very well dressed.
    Still waiting for my copy of your book (ordered through a distributor with an extra for the shop).
    Keep up the good work.

  5. I like the moon inspired quilt with the mullein (sp?) shadows...inspiration for quilting lines?

  6. Happy happy birthday Sujata ! I love the blankets for the bull & calf....perfect! Hope you had a great day!

  7. I really enjoyed this exciting and colourful post! I love the two little quilts - they are perfect on the bull and calf. Your minimalist vase is very striking.

  8. Love all of them- but your tiny quilt for the calf is adorable! How big are the tiny pieces?

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Your new wall hanging is beautiful, it has such a peaceful elegance about it, such lovely shapes of the vase and leaves. Kelly's wonderful mug rug looks so perfect on the bull and even more perfect with the little one made for the calf too. So cute!

  10. what fabulous mini quilts and I also love your minimalist wall hanging.

  11. wow I love your quilt too - great texture and composition! Very cool photos too.
    what a cute quilt from kelly and I love the the bull vingnette - you are so creative!!
    sounds like you had a great time with the gals

  12. Happy birthday! I love your sprig in the vase composition. It does look good with stripes! Sweet little coverings for the cow and calf really bring a smile.

  13. Your wall hanging is exquisite, so peaceful and such great colors.
    And I adore those two bull "blankets"! Fabulously creative, (as always)!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! (I'm 5 months ahead of you... here's to 51!)

  14. Happy Birthday! Those little quilts are fantastic and you found just perfect place for them! Teje


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