Friday, September 5, 2014

Quilt on a Clothsline - Basket Quilt

We took Kavita to college last Friday. She is settled and ready for her academic year. I could write an entire post about it but I would rather talk about the basket quilt on the clothesline today.

I used to subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens magazine for as long as I remember. I loved the ideas and inspirations for home and garden. I don't quite remember which year it was but it was soon after I had finished my house quilt, I found a basket quilt in the magazine. Black prints of basket blocks sparkled against the background color I thought was orange but later found out was called cheddar.

Once I had changed few details in the house quilt pattern, I thought, I could make this entire quilt without a pattern by just looking at the picture. There was no internet and charts that would tell you how to configure the half square triangles.. But I have a mathematician/engineer husband who helped me with the measurements. I followed the picture and made one just like it.

This quilt still is one of my favorite quilts. I hand quilted with crosshatching 2'' squares. 

Most of the off white fabric was leftover from the previous quilt. I think the navy blues were also leftover fqs from Jo-ann fabric store back when they cost only 69 cents.

Here is the back of the quilt. I may have missed a few spots of quilting.


Isn't it funny how some colors never leave you? This mandevilla has been a non-stop bloomer this summer.  

Basket quilt has been hanging above our piano as long as we have had a piano..which was when our pianist was very tiny and in second grade. This picture was taken the day we took her to college.

Funny how I had not thought of that orange quilt in the magazine for such a long time! Fall is near.. may be I will make an orange quilt.. Who knows, it might be with basket block.

My plans for this weekend include basting a quilt and starting a new one. How about you?


  1. Basket quilts are always a favorite, I never tire of them! Those triangles look pretty interesting!

  2. I love basket quilts, look forward to seeing your new one! my plans are to finish the blocks for the red and brown quilt I shared on my blog, start a little quilt too! had to smile about the orange reference for a future quilt, I am becoming fond of orange my little quilt will have cheddar in it I need to shop for some Orange fabrics :)
    have a great weekend, ah dropping them off at college is never easy, never.

  3. I love basket quilt and yours is beautiful. It's lovely to see it hanging in its place above the piano. Your new project looks wonderful too, lots of wonderful colours!! All the very best to Kavita for her college year.

  4. I've never made a basket quilt. Maybe, someday. I know what you mean by some quilts never leaving you. Love reading your story behind this one!

  5. Nice post today ! I am wondering, what is Kavita playing? I can just imagine her sitting there as a second grader, feet dangling from the bench. Nice basket quilt - looks great by the mandevilla!

  6. Seems a lot of us love basket quilts! Best wishes to all as the new school year begins - and happy stitching!

  7. Wish I was quilting - I'm with family in illinois - a little hand sewing is all.
    I really love your basket quilt. It is really fun to see your traditional early quilts.
    Nice hand quilting.

  8. Aren't basket quilts lovely? I have one, too and it's one of my favorites. Your new projects look very exciting.
    Best wishes to Kavita!

  9. It is bittersweet to send a child off to college, for sure. Your basket quilt stands the test of time and is just beautiful. Monday tomorrow and a new week begins. Over the weekend I managed some needle turn applique during a drive to and from Maine.

  10. I love seeing this beautiful quilt displayed in so many different ways. I so love when you hang your quilts on your clothesline, I like that you show the back too as that to me is often my favorite part of a quilt pretty in its simplicity, & wow seeing this beautiful basket quilt draped next to that amazing mandevilla is stunning, but knowing that your incredible artistry has inspired your daughter's piano playing for so many years is really the best.

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous, Sujata! Basket blocks that too in this tiny size are the cutest! Your hand quilting is amazing! I can only dream of filling a whole quilt with tiny hand stitches like yours ;)
    Nice to know Kavita is settled well in her new college!


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