Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilt Show - All About Colors and Textures

Depending on who you ask, you always get a mixed reviews on any show. I almost did not make it to the show this year but glad I went. I came back with something fun and exciting enough to share.. Here are some quilts from the quilt show.

Made by Roy Starke, South Africa

From far this quilt looked like an oil painting...and then I went up close...and it reminded of the festival of colors in India. 
Please click on this Google link. You will know what I mean.

It is celebrated to welcome spring.
Here is another quilt by the same artist.

Does it look like a mixed media art?
That's because it is!

Here is another quilt which had cabin done in cross stitch. 

Sherry Pryor

Another one that caught my attention.

Rahel Elran

Close up shots...

This year for me it was all about colors and textures.

I loved fabrics in this quilt.

What do you look for when you go to the quilt shows.

Kelly's diary quilt was fun to see. It is a colorful, happy quilt. You can't help but smile when you look at it. You all remember when she made one block a week for entire year. It was fun to anticipate for the block   each week.

Kelly Meanix

From the left - Kelly, Christine, me, Barb and Terry on the far right. Hmmm.. I still remember that day like it was yesterday!

Since this post is all about color, I want to share this mug-rug I made for a friend.

I have missed two Fridays. Such a slacker! I will be back this Friday with the quilt on the clothesline.

Hope you all have had a great start to your week.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of pieces just bursting with colour, they really are glorious!

  2. What a lovely riot of colours! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow! Those quilts that look like paintings are amazing. I love Kelly's diary quilt. I agree that it was fun seeing what she came up with each week. I bet it had a crowd of admirers at the show. Such a wonderful mug rug, it's as though you scooped up a handful of rainbow and made it into a gift.

  4. So many different ways to look at a show . . . SO TRUE . . . each viewer's perspective is unique / and so is their response to each piece on display. To me, that is good - very good.

  5. interesting quilts love the colors! I agree quilt shows can be a hit with some and others are disappointed.
    I can always find quilts that make it worth while going!
    love that mug rug. I just love how you put solids together, ahhh someday I will be able to as well

  6. I like to look for quilts with lots of color and interest in how they were pieced. Love what you have shown here.

  7. You shared some wonderful quilts from the show!!! Do you know who the artist of the first two are? I can't quite see the name... they are fascinating! and what a cute mug rug!

  8. You picked some beautiful quilts, thank you for including mine!

  9. I didn't even see these - I had a bit of a chat with Kelly and then caught up with my group and missed these -
    Love your mug rug. Nice composition as always.
    looking forward to the next clothesline quilt

  10. Thanks for sharing. You picked some special quilts!

  11. that quilt of Kelly's is so much fun - love seeing it all together. Superstorm Sandy is still my favorite block...

  12. Hmmm ... seems like itʻs always about color.
    Love the mug rug!

  13. I loved looking at Kelly's diary at the show! Made me want to do one of these, too.


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