Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 6 Cultural Fusion Blog Tour and my talk wiht Pat Sloan

I am so emotional,  I can not form words into sentences. I just came over from reading  Malka Dubrawsky's blog, Stitch in Dye.

All I can say is I am truly blessed. Please visit Malka, and you will know the reason behind my emotions.

As I count down to my talk with Pat Sloan this afternoon, I had have many moments to reflect on my own journey. Few events in recent weeks have become so memorable - The colors, sounds and visuals of those moments will never leave me. I will share them with you all when the time is right. Today, it is time for you to enter to win a book and tune in to what I have to share with pat Sloan.

You can listen in the interview live at

It will also be available after the show:

Tuesday December 2 Sujata Shah @ C&T Publishing  Open thru12/12

Wednesday December 3 LeeAnn Decker @ Nifty Quilts   Closed

Thursday December 4 Victoria Gertenbach @ The Silly Boodilly Still Open

Friday December 5 Rachaeldaisy @ Blue Mountain Daisy Still Open

Saturday December 6 Lori Dejarnett @ Humble Quilts Still Open
Sunday December 7 Casey York @ The Studiolo  Open

Monday December 8 Malka Dubrawsky @ A Stitch in Dye  Today

Tuesday December 9 Sherri Lynn Wood @ daintytime

Wednesday December10 Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville's Quips and Snips

Thursday December 11 Jake Finch @ Generation Q

Friday December 12 Jan Burgwinkle @ Be*mused

Saturday December 13 Janet Treen @ Quiltsalott

Sunday December 14 Lindsay Conner @ Lindsay Sews 


  1. Well I can see why you are feeling emotional Sujata, I would be too!!! What wonderful words about you and your quilts and your book from Malka. So happy for you.

  2. Well I can see why you must be feeling emotional, I would be too!! Just read Malka's post and what a wonderful post it is you must be so very happy and proud!

  3. what a lovely post - wow you must be feeling the love!

  4. I so enjoyed hearing you on the radio. What a great interview!! Malka's post is really special too.

  5. I have to tell what a pleasure it was listening to the podcast. It was so good hearing about your inspiration and way of working with fabrics. Malka's post was terrific, no wonder you feel touched.

  6. A wonderful tribute! Enjoy it all!

  7. Sujata, my heart just sings for you! I am making the rounds and only hope I can win a copy of your book! I am so very, truly proud of this amazing achiement and so happy quilters around the world will be able to learn about you, your talent, and your wonderful heart!

  8. Hello friend! It makes me so happy every day to read yet another testimonial to your wonderful book! I keep picking up your book, over and over, it keeps calling to me. There are so many techniques I want to try, to incorporate into my own projects. And I think that is what I love about the book, how each person can learn and grown and enjoy trying your techniques and patterns. I just listened to your interview podcast, and it was like chatting with you over a nice cup of tea. You are so genuine and your sweet personality came across, just like it does in your book as well. Congratulations again!


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