Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 8 Cultural Fusion Blog Tour

I  realize there are many giveaways going on at the moment, it is busy time of the year with holidays around the corner. It's extremely time consuming to go through the blog hop for my book, Cultural Fusion Quilts 
So if you are here and reading this post, please see me with my palms together saying, ''Thank you!''

Today's hop-stop is at Sherri Lynn Wood's blog, Daintytime.

While you are there, I hope you take time to visit her profile, portfolio and the projects she is currently involved with. She has been teaching process based workshops for several years. If you like freeing yourself and getting lost in the process of making improvisational quilts, you will become as big of her fan as I have been for past several years. That is if you already aren't!

I am sharing couple of pictures from the past. The story behind the quilt is in the book. I know you would want to read it. The time it was made is carved in my memories forever!

This quilt is my favorite for many reasons. Three of them are right here in this picture below.

My daughter is much taller than me now! I am looking forward to us all being together again soon.

So what did you think of my interview with Pat Sloan? I am curious to know. 

If you haven't already, hear it right here.


Now head on over to read Sherri's post and leave a comment for a chance to win my book.  

If you are just joining the hop, links below will take you to the blogs still open for your chance to win!

Good Luck!

Tuesday December 2 Sujata Shah @ C&T Publishing  Open thru12/12

Friday December 5 Rachaeldaisy @ Blue Mountain Daisy  Open

Saturday December 6 Lori Dejarnett @ Humble Quilts  Open
Sunday December 7 Casey York @ The Studiolo   Open

Monday December 8 Malka Dubrawsky @ A Stitch in Dye   Open

Tuesday December 9 Sherri Lynn Wood @ daintytime Today

Wednesday December10 Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville's Quips and Snips

Thursday December 11 Jake Finch @ Generation Q

Friday December 12 Jan Burgwinkle @ Be*mused

Saturday December 13 Janet Treen @ Quiltsalott

Sunday December 14 Lindsay Conner @ Lindsay Sews 


  1. Dear Sujata, I LOVE following your blog hop! I have been excited about your book since I heard about it, and I really hope I am one of the winners, but I just want you to know that I love hearing all about the quilts, and I am so glad that you wrote this book! Having grown up and lived in several different cultures myself, It makes me think about how I can express all those parts of me through my quilting. Thank you so much for "marrying" two topics dear to my heart -- culture and quilts! sarah@forrussia.org

  2. Dear Sujata, I really enjoyed previewing your book, and the quilts are simply beautiful and alive - they really make for a stunning post on my blog. Thanks for the opportunity. I think your book is going to bring so many people into the improv fold and I thank YOU for that! Cheers!

  3. I really enjoyed the radio show interview. One part I loved was what you said about using the colours of India in your quilts. The brights and neutrals. It was wonderful to hear your voice.

  4. I've enjoyed every stop on the blog tour. I'm so excited to get my hands on your book!

  5. I just bought your book and can't wait to make the quilt shown on the cover! It is well written and I enjoy the cultural fusion theme throughout!

  6. I enjoyed your segment on Pat's show. Not only was it fun to hear your voice but you made some comments I didn't read in the book. More insights to ponder. Thanks! I hope your children are home soon for a lovely break with you.


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