Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthdays and upcoming classes in St. Loius and Seattle area

and all sorts of randomness...

On Monday night I received a text from an old friend/neighbor which I have to share today.

Unfortunately, I have not gone to many quilt shops and book stores to check if they are carrying my book so it is always nice to see when someone mentions seeing it at a shop.

She was visiting a quilt shop in McMinneville, Oregon and spotted my book!

There it is! Just sitting happily!

Speaking of quilt shops, In addition to Organized Chaos I have added another class while I am in Seattle. For those of you who have asked, here is the link to the website for the class at Quiltworks Northwest in Bellevue, WA. This is the place I worked and taught classes before moving to PA. I can not wait to go back and teach there.

I hope to see you there!

We just got back from visiting Toronto for few days. My sister surprised her husband for his 60th birthday.  All of his close friends were there along with most of the family members. His party happened to be the day before Shail and my birthday. It was nice to be able to see my son on our birthday. We needed to have our selfie to mark his 24th and my 52nd birthday don't you agree?

Kavita joined us from her month long trip on the west coast. She spent volunteering on farms in Oregon and Washington state as her summer experience. I am pretty proud of her.

At the end of the trip she visited her brother Gautam, who sent me this cutest little elephant for a birthday gift.. He printed it on his 3D printer! I am still baffled and impressed by it! This thing came out of a printer!!!

I think he is a yogi!

and a kid at heart!

 A new quilt is in the making!

Last week I made a little quilt for my younger sister. Like me, she loves house plants and gardening. Last time I visited her, she had asked me to bring something small to put under her planter on the fireplace.

All the scraps came out of this quilt. Now bits and pieces of Daffodils and Winter quilts live at my sister's house.

Speaking of Daffodils, I have hired backyard birds to keep an eye on my garden this year.  


I am off to St. Louis to speak at Thimbles and Thread quilt guild for the weekend. We are making Rail Fence quilt. Can't wait!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


  1. Your son is very handsome :) and your new elephant is cool. I think 3D printers are magic. I am interested in attending your class in Bellevue. Right now your link to a supplies list goes to someone else's list. Hopefully they will be able to get that fixed before too long. Thank you,

    1. Hi Beth, Thank you! It took a long time for him to print this elephant but I love the fact that he took that time and printed it anyway. I just fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know. Hope this works for you and see you in few weeks!

  2. Does the elephant have moving parts or did Gautham make two? I do so love the daffodil/winter quilt!!!!

  3. Happy birthday. The elephant from a 3D printer is a fabulous present. So amazing.
    We have guard hummingbirds but they only guard their feeder.

  4. I so appreciate your way with color. Sounds fun with your family, Happy birthday, great selfie with your son!
    Thanks for giving classes I 'm going to try to get to one, I know I'd love it.

  5. Wishing you and your son a very happy birthday!! How lovely that you share a birthday. Double happiness to you both for the coming year. 3D printing seems like magic to me too, I've sen anything printed though. Your birds are doing a great job of looking after the garden. Have a great time speaking at the guild on the weekend.

  6. the elephant is so cute! wow isn't 3D printing amazing! pretty bird photos.
    Have a great trip to St. Louis!
    How nice to share a birthday with your son


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