Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Photo and 2016 Schedule

These days I am constantly thinking about my trip to India. Hoping to learn more about the traditions and heritage from the artisans during the visit.

Normally, I am not the one who makes the "to do" list in the morning or ever. I believe in life's surprises. They come wrapped up in so many different ways.  Last year few of them came in form of emails asking if I would consider presenting and teaching. I absolutely enjoyed teaching all throughout 2015. Making connections with quilters around the country has been a privileged, some sort of reward of writing a book.

My 2016 schedule is looking pretty good. I have added it to the calendar for easy access. There are some blank spots in the schedule. If you think your guild might be interested in hosting me or would like to co ordinate my visit with current schedule, please have your program coordinator drop me an email. I am also booking dates for 2017. Contact me!

2016 Schedule -
Workshops -

Have a creative weekend!


  1. Hi, I belong to the River City Quilt Guild in Sacramento, I sent them a link to this post, would love to do a workshop with you.

  2. I am scheduled to be there in January, 2017. I look forward to meeting you, Julianne!

    Thank you!

  3. looks like you have good bookings - I LOVE that basket quilt on the side bar :)

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  5. Hi Loretta, please send me your email address. You are a no-reply blogger. I would love to connect with you.

  6. Are you going on a particular textile tour Sujata?
    Something I would love to do.


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