Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Past Few Months

From the time we decided to move, my life has been in a whirlwind. I felt every emotion there is to feel.. If you have moved around, left your loved ones behind, jumped into making decisions quickly, you know what I am referring to. 

It leaves you no time to think, write or talk about. All you do is, go on. 

That's just what we did. 

 After three and a half weeks of mental and physical prep time, we packed two bags on the night of 23rd October. Left our home as is.. well, cleaner and staged to sell. 

After arriving in San Francisco, we moved into a company provided one bedroom apartment. It is at walking distance from the downtown. I have been taking advantage of being here and walking with Nilesh in the morning when he goes to work. It gives my senses a chance to absorb this big city. 

I must say, some of the absorbing I could do without!

We love being tourists on the weekends but most of our weekends we have spent searching for a home. 

With not having to uproot and settle kids this time around, we thought we will have an easier time finding a home but opened up broader areas to explore. We have looked homes in all four directions and pretty much of every style and condition. We experienced crowds going through open homes like never before! 

Sometimes it felt like the home was having a party, only without the hosts and yummy food! Then there was the Goldilocks principle.. To find the right home to fit all our needs as well as our budget hasn't been easy. Couple of good candidates slipped off our hands. As of now, our search continues, I am pretty optimistic as I write this post that we will have a house we can call home soon. 

Meanwhile, all three kids came for Christmas. Just last year we had talked about vacationing during the Christmas break. This year it truly became a destination holiday. We did not decorate, bake or exchange any gifts. We cozy-ed up in this one bedroom apartment, watched movies and did puzzles.  Having traveled to India and visiting extended family, they are used to small spaces. This was even better! Being in the city, we walked to many places and drove short distances to tourist attractions.
We also drove to the cities they were born in.. Did a little home search as a family..It was a fun and joyful Christmas as ever! Probably the one they will talk to their children about in future.

While we have been busy connecting with old college friends and meeting visiting relatives, I also had visits from some quilty friends. 
LeeAnn came to the bay area for a work related trip. We spent a lovely day together and I am looking forward to her next visit soon.

Ann Brookes visited just a couple of days ago. I am excited to be part of the quilting community in the bay area. I requested if she would bring her latest quilt top. I am curious to see how she will finish this quilt. It is gorgeous! You can read about her process on her blog.  

I highly recommend you visit her blog. I am in awe!

We both decided to work on a project together. I am looking forward to our stories turning into quilts.

I sometimes still wonder how quickly my life has changed!

Family visited one last time before we left.. I know I will always go back and visit but it will involve planning. I will miss seeing those little girls grow up. 

Kavita used to visit often to PA will no longer make those quick weekend trips home. I suspect with her school and job, she will not have that opportunity as she has had in the past. Life brings changes, even the good ones come with a price. In the end though, it all works out like it is supposed to.

These days my favorite walks are to the local farmer's markets. I always find something good. Locally grown, fresh produce bring brief color to my otherwise gray apartment.

So that's what has gone on in past few months.

Now you must be wondering if I am sewing at all these days. 
I am! I will come back in a day or so with works (that's a plural) in process.
Thank you for your emails, holiday cards and greetings. Thanks for keeping up on fb and IG. Micro-blogging has been quite helpful during crazy busy kind of months we have had.  

See you back here soon!


  1. Sujata: Moving is such a big deal, but what a lovely area to move to. My sister lives in Menlo Park and her daughter lives in the Mission district, and we visit from time to time. If you get stuck on your house-shopping, let me know and I'll put you in touch. Meanwhile, happy quilting when you can. Much love, Jerri Stroud

  2. What an exciting, exhausting, uncertain thing moving is. We've done it many times, and it never really gets easier, just a little different each time. The Bay Area is an exciting place, with a HUGE quilting community, that I know will welcome you. (I lived in Fremont for over 20 years) Good luck with the house hunting. It's never an easy thing in the Bay Area, but hopefully there's a place waiting for you that you'll find soon. I'm so glad you're getting a chance to sew some - that what I did for my "moving therapy" last time we moved!

  3. Uprooting is not easy at any time, even if the goal is to continue your grand adventure. We've moved 12 times in our marriage. I love the picutres you shared here of your family.
    Your Christmas with your children sounds and looks wonderful. One of our favorite family times was when we lived in a hotel for 2 montsh, waiting to move into a home. It certainly reinforced "togetherness".
    Ann is the quilter who clued me into your wonderful book Sujatah. I began following her from the first time I ever visited her blog. She is terrific and so interesting and it will be fun for you to develop your friendship further!
    Best wishes in finding a wonderful home!

  4. What a marvelous catching us up to date post . . . wishing you well as you continue on this journey.

  5. Wow, what a journey. The housing market in California is really something, isn't it. I hope you've found the home you want and need and it works out well; I can only imagine how you yearn for your own sewing room!

  6. What a delightful day we had, Sujata. Visiting your tiny corporate apartment reminded me of our first visits to the Bay Area. Delicious lunch out and then crazy shopping! I'm so looking forward to our little project when we both return. Thanks for inviting me.

  7. It's such a challenging time when you are relocating to a new place. So many challenges and yet it's so exciting to be somewhere new to explore! I bet your area has some wonderful quilt shops and yarn stores :-) Best wishes on finding just the right home for your family.

  8. 1) love your heartfelt post.
    2) would like to go to quilters affair this year, but mmmm, I don't know, I'm too far away...
    3) LeeAnn's block is Wow!

  9. So good to read this catch-up post and learn how your life is working out after the move. Wonderful that you had visits from two quilters no less, both of whom I have followed for some time and love their quilts. Hope you find your home quickly!!

  10. Happy New Year to you and yours Sujata. It's an exciting time house hunting. We were both lucky to meet with LeeAnn last year. She is a sweetheart. We moves so many times and understand how you feel. It's easier when the children have grown. Can't wait to hear what you've found - Big hugs Nat

  11. How wonderful to meet a new quilting friend near you! Best wishes with the resolution on the house hunt. See you soon! xo

  12. I enjoyed your post so much. I love to visit SF but I think it's too cold for me to live there now. The BART is great and easy to use even for visitors like myself. The scenery east of the city is different - Orinda or Lafayette are places I've visited family. Friends have family in Mill Valley but that means commuting by car. You'll find the place when it's time. Keep us posted. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I remember how cold it always sued to get even in the middle of summer. I am excited to experience it all again. Mill Valley was not an option for us because of the same reason. Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek do have a Bart. It would be perfect for us if we find that perfect home there.


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