Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scrappy Quilt

People share all the time how they store their scraps. I have no particular way of storing them. Mostly because I am always on the go. Between sewing, cooking, keeping up with the house and all house guests and then traveling to many different corners of this country, there is only so much organizing that could happen.
So I dump them in plastic boxes. Sometimes they get sorted out and other times they are ignored.

This morning I dumped all the the scraps from two of my boxes and look what I found? Pinks!

I thought I never make quilts with pinks! I must have used some at some points if I had these in the pile. Alongside pinks, I found some shirting and it was enough to drop the sorting and start sewing. I made few blocks and have a good idea on what to do next.

But first this collection of blocks need to grow. Off I go to sew more.

Happy sewing you all!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gautam and Kim's Wedding

My heart melts when I see this picture.

On August 5th, Gautam and Kim tied the knots!

It was magical!

Younger siblings couldn't be happier for their brother on his big day.

Indian wedding events can stretch for a few days with pre-wedding festivities. This one was no different.

First day was the henna ceremony for the bride. Here are Kim and Gautam just before the henna artist arrived.

This was a true test of her patience. It took many hours and a lot of patience on her part to get that done on her hands and feet. 

The next morning, Gautam got a traditional and classic turmeric scrub known as "Pithi". It is a mixture of turmeric, fragrant sandle-wood powder and rose water. All the aunts and sisters, sister -in-laws got a chance to rub some turmeric for good luck. Once the "Pithi" is done, bride and groom can not see each other until the wedding day. We broke some rules since we are all about that ;)

He was happily surprised at how good his skin felt after that.

Nilesh and I were both thrilled to have most of our family members with us for this occasion.

In the evening we gathered at my niece's home for the henna celebration.       

Henna plant is grown as hedges all over India. The leaves are ground into a thin paste. In old days, henna artist would use a thin twig with sharp tip dipped in henna paste to design the patterns. Finer the paste, more intricate the design can be. For many years now the paste is filled in a small plastic cone just like icing for the cake. After it is applied on the hands, a nice spray of lemon and sugar water helps adhere for some time.To get good coloring, it needs to set for few hours then It can be scraped off and washed off. Rich rusty to deep maroon red remains for few days like a temporary tattoo and eventually fades off .

The morning of the wedding was a bit hectic. Please tell me that is normal. Trying to blend two cultures, have two ceremonies performed was little tricky.

Indian ceremonies by default are known to go on for longer than planned but the day was just perfect!

Just perfect!


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