Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scrappy Quilt

People share all the time how they store their scraps. I have no particular way of storing them. Mostly because I am always on the go. Between sewing, cooking, keeping up with the house and all house guests and then traveling to many different corners of this country, there is only so much organizing that could happen.
So I dump them in plastic boxes. Sometimes they get sorted out and other times they are ignored.

This morning I dumped all the the scraps from two of my boxes and look what I found? Pinks!

I thought I never make quilts with pinks! I must have used some at some points if I had these in the pile. Alongside pinks, I found some shirting and it was enough to drop the sorting and start sewing. I made few blocks and have a good idea on what to do next.

But first this collection of blocks need to grow. Off I go to sew more.

Happy sewing you all!


  1. Maybe you are being inspired by the flamingo color of the year?!😉

  2. You've got a great beginning there!

  3. pink with a touch of melon? love it!

  4. Oh that looks interesting, I would love to see that project grow. Greetings

    1. Thank you! My stash is full of bright colors. Pink is definitely interesting right now. Stay tuned!

  5. Wild! I love the start and look forward to seeing more!

  6. Oh lovely shades of pink, one is just leaning slightly to a peachy pink, I like the mix.

  7. I have always loved pink, but I think it's a tricky color to work with without feeling "precious." I like your start a lot, and I think it's because of the black. I think pink works best when black is around! Can't wait to see more, Sujata.

  8. Love these shades of pink, Sujata. It's a tricky color to work with, can easily be twee. Enjoy your piecing time - so much for fun than sorting fabric. And if you use it, you don't have to sort it. Ha.

  9. I like where you're going with this!


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