Thursday, September 7, 2017

Last Workshops of 2017 in the East Bay and Seattle Area

2017 has been a busy year for me and my family. I have had a great time teaching all over the country. Apart from teaching, there were two graduations in the family and a wedding! Not to mention my trips to India for my mom. We have had many guests from India and here visiting us. We have played tourist guide for them and in the process visited places we used to love when we lived here several times.

The year is not quite over but I am feeling as far as classes go, I am wrapping up soon. I will be teaching at East Bay Heritage Quilters in couple of weeks but that will be my last local workshops based on freeform blocks. My book, Cultural Fusion Quilts has been so good for me. It has made me grow in the best possible way. From what I hear from my students for last three years, it has also made a difference in how they see the beauty in imperfections.

I still have few unfinished projects needing my attention. Last few quiet weeks and this new scrap quilt I started, have given me much to think about as far as what to do next.

 Yes, so much for making a Pink quilt! The red made its way into it and I didn't even know it!

I am having fun. These nine blocks are making me think of what I could do next. Little sketchy on what that may be, but for now, they excite me and I want to continue being immersed in unknowns.

So, here is the list of places I will be. If you are in the bay area, this is the last call!  Come take a class with me! There are few more spots available at ebhq (open for non members) and Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Art Museum. 

Last of this year's workshops include -
Freeform Blocks in Berkeley, CA at ebhq 
Crossroads- ebhq
Endless Mountains in Washington at
Rail Fence workshop at Calico Creations, Mount Vernon, WA - FULL
Three workshops on IQA cruise to the Caribbean - Registration Closed -

It feels good to be sewing again. While I do, I can't stop thinking about all the catastrophic events happening all over the country as well as in the world. People in the path of hurricanes, fires and floods here at home, and in India and Bangladesh are on my mind.

Keeping them in my thoughts as I continue to be who I am.




  1. This quilt is passionate. I love that red and pink with the grey-blues and the wonky piece work.
    Me too - concerned about our poor world. xoxo

  2. It is amazing how you can take such a simple block and make it look so interesting and thought provoking. I love it. My heart and my prayers go out to all the victims of these devastating disasters of late. I only hope that our faith in each other will carry us through.

  3. I love your new project and so happy that your book and teaching went so well.
    Hugs Julierose

  4. You've had a busy year. Hope the last few month are full of lots of wonderful free form sewing. Love your newest quilt.

  5. I can see that you are having fun! :-)

  6. I love your new scrap log cabins! The red centers give them nice organization. I have also been making log cabins with scraps from my Lattice Quilt. I like your statement about staying with the unknowns. Yes, prayers and thoughts for the many who are suffering with the natural disasters.

  7. Sujata, you are so genuine, and your soul shines through in your quilts. Good luck in what your future may bring to you!

  8. Yummy. The red grounds your quilt. It would be so much less without it.
    Although we came through well, more friends were flooded out than I first heard. One with water to the rafters. How much worse for you to be half a world away.

  9. Love your new piece Sujata! You most definitely have had a very busy year, time to sit back and recharge I think.
    Thinking of all who are caught up in these devastating events in our world.

  10. Love the creative energy that is going into your new piece. I believe some part of us yearns for peace through creative outlets as we think of those who are suffering.

  11. The blocks look gorgeous! Lots of disasters in the world. So sad!

  12. I am so happy to read that you are focused are continuing to be who you are - I love that about you!

  13. Your quilts always speak to me! Hoping I will be able to meet you one day, have tea and talk about quilts, threads, and all these important things :-)

    Disasters are following at an incredible pace. It means we have to take care of the Earth in order to take care of humanity. For the time being, my heart is bleeding for the suffering people.

  14. Our poor world is in a mess right now, I fear. I hope your friends and family are all safe. Your red and pink has lifted my spirits this morning and I loved the idea of being 'immersed in unknowns' - perfectly put.

  15. This quilt and post are quite encouraging and uplifting...color is always happy as are your blocks..

  16. great scrap you close your eyes and just pick the next piece of fabric you will use or do you stop and analyse your next fabric choice?
    I have done an improv class here in Australia & the idea was to put the cut strips into a paper bag and then use whichever strip one pulled out of the bag....I found that difficult, as I wanted to control the outcome!

  17. I truly feel you're the most honest, genuine, and "real" person I know, both with your work and as a person. xo


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