Monday, October 2, 2017

Paper Beads and Simply Moderne #10 Giveaway

This is a scenario, I know we all have gone through.

You have worked on numerous quilts and are left with all sorts of scraps. Your baskets and bins are spilling over and no matter what you do to organize them, they seem to overflow. Sometimes literally follow you wherever in your quilty life you go. 

Those strings and scraps..

Is it worth saving them?

Do you ever want to see THAT piece of fabric ever again after having used in more than three quilts?

Have you ever asked that question to yourself?

What do you do with those, now ugly and old to you scraps? Do you give them away or do you save them?

I don't think anyone wants bits and pieces of my scraps so I piece them together in hopes of some day making a scrap quilt.

Paper Beads started out something like that. Tons of ugly scraps overflowing the scrap baskets, finally saw the light of day and graced the cover of a beautiful magazine!

There are so many inspiring string quilts out there but I wanted to make mine just a little different.

I made blocks in all different sizes. It's easier when you have no end result in mind. Then came the designing stage. How was I going to use my string blocks into a quilt?

During that time I had bought a necklace made out of magazine paper by women in Africa. Bowls and baskets made from magazine papers were in almost every home stores. I was not only intrigued by the texture and shapes of those beads but also the idea that they were made with recycled material.

It made sense to try my hand at that. Except, mine were going to be made from fabrics.

For the background, I used a brown Indian shot cotton purchased on my trip to India. Those beads jump right off of it, don't you think?

Couple of years back I was approached by Quiltmania Editions to submit a quilt or two for Simply Moderne magazine. Paper Beads made the cut!

When I worked at the quilt shop, Quiltmania was one of my favorite magazines and it is an honor to see my quilt on the cover of its sister magazine.

I am excited to share this news. Now you can put all your scraps and strings to a good use and make this quilt too!

Quiltmania editions is giving away a copy of Simply Moderne to one lucky winner from my instagram feed!

I improvised my quilt as it progressed but you can make this quilt with the instructions provided by the magazine.

To win a copy of the Simply Moderne #10, all you have to do is subscribe to this blog and follow me on Instagram @therootconnection

I will pick a winner on Monday, October 8th. 

Good luck! 


  1. I do both when making a scrap Quilt. I cut from scraps and if necessary cut from new FQ or yardage

  2. Woo hoo! I love the way you translated the ubiquitous string block into this new bead. It's so lovely, Sujata.

  3. I'm ready to be scrappy AND happy! I'm already following you on blog and Instagram...and life!

  4. I love the quilt, especially since you showed a photo of the whole thing! I am buried in scraps and need to use them faster. Congratulations on your cover!

  5. Makes such a great cover quilt!
    Congratulations. I already have my copy - yay!

  6. Congratulations to you on your cover girl quilt -- I have fabrics pulled to make one but it won't be until after the holidays. I was SO happy to find the current issue just being put onto the shelves at our local B&N store - if I happen to win the drawing, I have a friend who would love my extra copy!

  7. Wow Sujata, you have done it again! I love this unique masterpiece. Aren't you glad that you saved your scraps? This is stunning.

  8. I love this quilt. Congratulations!

  9. The full quilt is even nicer than the cover!

  10. Congratulations! Your quilt is beautiful on the cover.

  11. I love your quilt! I already received my magazine!

  12. So cannot figure out how to follow you on matter...This is my favorite quilt you have made...I so love it..and it lifts my spirits!!!

  13. Awesome quilt! E-mail subscriber and Instagram follower: @minibea123. I love scraps! I like to buy remnants for these type of projects rather than yardage.

  14. It's a beautiful quilt. Will Paper Beads ever be published as a stand alone pattern?

  15. Lovely! Congrats Sujata. Looks like you are a busy lady. Do you teach in Vancouver Canada yet?

  16. I wondered when I saw the front of the magazine if it was your quilt! You have such a distinctive use of color.:) Gorgeous quilt!

  17. Paper Beads is stunning! I love the shot cotton background and the asymetrical blocks and shapes that present with each. Continuing to save my old ugly scraps for a possible 4th quilt!
    THank you so much Sujata for sharing.


  18. Best string quilt ever!!! I love it!!! mumibrd3(gmail(dot)com

  19. Congratulations, I don't have an IG account but I do follow on Bloglovin

  20. Love all your quilts!
    Can't wait to make this one!

  21. New follower and subscriber. Don't ya love Pinterest and all the great ways to connect with others!
    I've got a small pile of scraps that I'm hoping to make a scrap vortex out of and/or some charity quilts.


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