Monday, October 12, 2020

Stories in Stitches - A webinar

A Quilt Story - I Really Want to Tell  

I still remember that day very distinctly. I was at my niece' house in Seattle and walking down the stairs. I had just received an email from Gwen informing me that someone name Kris will contact me and if she asked to teach, I should grab that opportunity. 

That very afternoon, I heard from Kris Cornell of Quilted Strait. The email said, Gwen who had been teaching at Quilted Strait was going to retire and she had suggested my name to be filling the spot to teach at that shop. I remember becoming a puddle with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 

I picked up the phone and called Gwen in an instance. I knew then and know now, I could never fill her spot and do what she did. But I did end up teaching at Quilted Strait for a couple of times. More importantly I got to meet and come to know the nicest person who owns the most beautiful shop in the northwest.  I was scheduled to teach this very week but that did not happen due to the shutdown. So we have teamed up to do the best thing possible. 



I have prepared a brand new talk about post Cultural Fusion Quilts and the subject is very important to me. It is the essence of my approach to quilting and why most every quilt I make becomes personal.

On Sunday, October 18 I hope you can join me for an hour of presentation followed by Q/A.

Tickets are available on Quilted Strait website.

Happy Monday to you all!



  1. I have registered and am SO looking forward to your presentation!

  2. Congratulations on your webinar. It's already full but I will see you EOM at our guild Zoom.

  3. Sometimes, because I have my grandchildren to supervise their remote learning, I don't get to read blogs till evening. By then, your lecture was sold out. Bummer.

  4. I'm sure this will be such an amazing one hour Sujata, all the very best.

  5. It just finished, and it was wonderful. I am inspired!


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