My Quilts

Town Square

Wagon Wheels

Mango Ssalsa

House top and pine trees

Baskets for Meera

The Kite Festival


Inspired by the Quilts of Gee's Bend

Summer of 2011
Winter Memories

Kavita's Garden


  1. I really enjoyed looking at these...LOVE Gridlock. I am more of a traditional quilter, but I love things like these. Just have trouble 'letting go.'

  2. Love all your quilts - what an eye for colour you have!

  3. What beautiful quilts you make!

  4. Hi - I'm new to your blog & very much enjoy viewing your unique quilts . I especially like how you used the light blue in the center blocks of your "housetops and pine trees" quilt. For me it creates the illusion of looking at the sky through the leaves of a tree which reinforces the title of the piece. Thanks for spurring my imagination this morning!

  5. Imagine my surprise! Wandering around looking at quilt images, Town Square, really caught my eye. One click and I find you Sujata. I love Town Square and think it will inspire one of my next small studies. hugs, Pam

  6. Love your quilts. The top and bottom borders of your string beads quilt inspired me to be more creative on a quilt I recently completed. I just order your book too. Love your colour choices and piecing.


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