Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

The plan was to start quilting 'Zigzag' right away but that did not happen as planned!

Instead we took off for a short vacation to New Hampshire and Maine...
We drove to a light house on the coast near Portland, Maine. 

My daughter and I walked on the harbor and enjoyed breath taking views in the town of Ogunquit, Maine.

We also took a tour of the historical 'Strawberry Banke' in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

While hubby worked away, Kavita and I had a lot of fun visiting art museums and taking quiet strolls through the towns of beautiful New England.


There is nothing like the first moment of water touching your toes before you jump in it!
Unfortunately... She didn't jump in!
But checked out these huge hosta leaves.

We laughed a lot and explored for the first time as mother and daughter team.. She was a great navigator in the car and the best company to drive along with!


Can you resist taking a moment and slow down and enjoy the lazy days of summer?

I did little bit of quilting just at the end of each day.

The day after we got back from our vacation, I taught a class at 'Spool' in Philadelphia. 
It was quite rewarding to see enthusiasm for quilting in young quilters.

 Hope you are having a great summer!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 15 minutes' play

Read more about this here

Yesterday was the first whole day after the boys left. I was a little sad and needed to keep myself occupied.

 I must have spent at least half of my day in my sewing room. I decided to continue working on my Impressions of Amish quilts and made another one in the series.
Here is the sneak peek.

My daughter reminded me that I need to work on her quilt. 

I said, " Yes honey, as soon as I clean up the mess from my table." 

 I made the quilt top while "cleaning" the sewing room!

 This is the quilt she has ben waiting to see on her bed.

Don't you think this one here at the bottom is a nice one?

That's definitely not me in the picture!
 And it is not a quilt.. 
Fooled you!

It is some commercial on TV for a home improvement store. 

This is how I get my inspirations! 
Snap snap snap.. you never know where it will come from..

Remember my Amish quilt? It made it on the flickr front page!!!
Who knew?
Just keep taking those pictures and have fun with it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spotlight on my big sister!

If only I had the patience my big sister has, I would have made these myself!

My big sister is more talented and gifted than she knows. A wonderful cook, she can figure out all the ingredients in any dish by just tasting a spoonful! She can invite 40 people and cook the gourmet meal all by herself in a small kitchen. So giving and generous, she always puts everyone else before herself. 
I think she deserves a little spotlight today.

These are the blocks she made a few years back. I have promised her a quilt from these blocks embellished with red and white fabrics. All though, this pattern and her work need no embellishment. 
I wish I knew the name of the designer. She certainly deserves credit too!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flowers from the garden

 Pieces of the past and future applique work. 

The above two are designed originally by Jeanna Kimball and the bottom two are by me. 
It is so warm these days, all I can think is applique.

The boys are leaving in couple of days..Once again the house will be empty.  These past few weeks my days have been full of laughter and craziness. After well anticipated summer fun of board games and video games, road trips to visit aunts and cousins, watching  hours of soccer world cup and making sure all that was on the list of home cooked food was checked, it is time to say good byes.

I will miss them.
But, I am already thinking of all the projects that were put aside and the new ones that popped up in my head during their time here! 
The new norm of getting used to the heart felt welcomes and goodbyes is not so bad after all!

Have a great weekend!

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