Friday, October 1, 2010

Lost and Found

It is the second day of my clean up job! Yes, I decided to take a break from sewing and just clean up and organize the space. Like a lot of you who stopped by yesterday, I like to clean up in between projects. 
It gives me a clean slate to work with inside and out. 
It is a time consuming process and while I clean, I constantly think about zillions of projects I could be working on. But this process gives birth to new ideas and wild possibilities. 
I found fabrics I had forgotten I had! 
Now that is like hitting a jackpot! It's like getting new fabrics and you don't have to spend a dime.. 
Well, you did at some point... but not today! LOL!!!
I like that about reorganizing the fabrics. It also give me a sense of accomplishment.  

And look what else I found when I was emptying a box of fabric!


 A choo choo train wall hanging I made out of felt 22 years ago!

And the airplanes and some clouds to go with it!

 A quilt half way hand quilted needing some more attention.

A basket quilt top I made while my husband was on a business trip back in 1998.
I had major plans for hand quilting that one too! 


A king size quilt top inspired from one of the Kaffe Fassett books.

 And more of those wagon wheels!

 Few of the Jan Patek blocks sitting on the quilt 'Kavita's Garden' I designed in 2003.

An Amish quilt top!  The wheel fits just fine there don't you think?

I like it when it is all nice and flat!
There was a third ring to go with it. I wonder where it is right now!

This was the original quilt I made few years back.

I also found the only art project I brought along with me when I moved to this country! 
I often get asked if I have formal training as an artist. 
Yes, I went to an art school in India and studied graphic design in days when computers were hard to find for students. For some silly reason, I chose to major in Typography and Calligraphy.   
Drawing and painting was fun then and still is. Although, I have not picked up a paint brush in a long time.
I guess these days, I am painting with fabrics!

The word "GLASS' is 1 mm thick and I am proud to say that I hand painted it. 
No tools, no gadgets, just a paint brush and lots of concentration! I remember chanting in my head like little engine that could.. I think I  can! I think I can!
Oh yes, I also painted the glass candle stand.  
It is really good to find old things filled with great memories.
I am so glad I was stuck the other day and found my way back to 1984!
More about this next week.
Have a peaceful and happy weekend!


  1. OK...since you brought it up, maybe I'll pull out my 80's & 90's stuff too....

  2. You unearthed some mighty nice things there. It's always fun to find some fabric that you forgot about, and quilt tops with memories from a different time period.

  3. What a fun, inspiring little trip through your "space." Thanks for sharing all those beauties!

  4. oh I just love that basket quilt top....beautiful how could it not be red baskets?
    oh the wheels are all beautiful, especially the first one you made years ago...Kavita's garden on the black just am I impressed! oh I hope you finish hand quilting the blue/grey/white quilt very nice....
    the glass piece is beautiful and love the felt planes and trains, how cute and what wonderful memories I am sure they hold for you.
    how did the time go that fast is what I would be thinking! thanks for sharing your finds with us.

  5. I wish I'd find fun cool projects in my sewing room! I really love how the wheel block does fit perfect on the Amish quilt- I think it was meant to be:)

  6. Sujata, your earlier works are absolutely gorgeous! The baskets and wheels are so pretty! I'm in awe of your glass painting! Thank you for sharing them :) It feels good to tidy up the craft room before starting a fresh project.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Those are great finds! I love the wheel along with the Amish quilt top. Cleaning my sewing space is my favorite cleaning chore, it always yields so many great ideas. Enjoy!

  8. that was a fun trip through your projects...thanks for sharing! Great inspiration!

  9. interesting to see the very traditional quilts you made years ago. love how you've grown! that wheel combined with the split rail is awesome.

  10. It is indeed to clean up you sewing space. I have found many things that I (sigh) would like to finish, but fold back up and store away. I have even found a few things that just had to go. I wish my quilting could keep up with my top making (another sigh). Bonnie

  11. What delightful finds. My how you have grown and changed directions - like many of us. Isn't it fun to rediscover? Now the question of the day - will you hand quilt the traditional quilts as they are or use them as experimental backgrounds?????
    Looking forward to seeing what you are into next.


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