Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still cleaning!

I thought I was done sorting cleaning and rearranging until I hit the scrap bin!
  More thin and fat strips were crying to be used.
So, I made some fabric for future string quilt.

Kept cleaning and found few leftover blocks from this quilt.
So made a little doll quilt.

Not sure what I will do with it. But they are better in a quilt top than in a bin! 

I also found a stack of thrift market shirt fabrics and scraps. A quilt block made in 2002.


 That means lots of new and fun projects are on the horizon.
But first, I have promised my daughter a homedcoming dress!  And when is homecoming, you ask?

Next weekend!

I better get started! I am really not a good seamstress. I stress over making outfits. 

As much as I love watching Project Runway and wish I could sew beautiful dresses, working without restrictions on size, shape and colors is my way.

I am better at  making 'it work' than making 'it'.

I hope she has a decent dress to wear next Saturday.

Wish me luck!


  1. You are really finding some great treasures! I love your string piecing and the pinwheels. Best wishes on your daughter's dress. I'm sure it will turn out beautifully.

  2. Get that dress done, so you can get back to your real work. Maybe I need to dig out boxes that have been unpacked since my move in 2006. Focus, focus. First things first, and one thing at a time. Feeling some burnout again, after intense workshop last week. A touch of Indian Summer here, so maybe take day off and work in yard.

  3. Oh... I am so nervous about the dress! She is so petite.. we can never find a dress for her. I have been procrastinating until now but I really have run out of time now!

    Thanks for cheering me up friends!

  4. see you have inspired me to organize my storgage closet who knows what I could find.

  5. I have til march to get my studio clean. wink wink... everything looks soo good!

  6. ditto what Nifty said. fingers crossed for you and the dress!

  7. Myself, (having no talent for sewing clothing)... I wish you lot's of luck! Not that you really need it... but I do hope you enjoy the pressure of working under the gun, (as opposed to the Project Runway contestants who get to have the joy of working under the Gunn!) (Sorry, I know that was pitifully bad, but I could not resist.)

  8. wish you'd post a picture of the dress!?


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