Monday, August 3, 2015

This and That

I am working through my stash to pick out the fabrics for the Rail Fence QAL.
Got a bit distracted!

I had a draw just few lines.

This morning I was looking for some old pictures and spotted this image of a very loved antique quilt. Check out the triangles.

Freeform blocks!

They were 3/4 inch small! Amazing, right?

I so admire the patience of quilt-makers of that generation!


  1. Those 3/4 are amazing.but your drawing is even more amazing!! I can see making a wall quilt out of it! LOVE IT!

  2. There are even half square triangles in your drawing! Love the vintage quilt.

  3. Beautiful drawing Sujata and a lovely vintage quilt, imagine hand piecing all those triangles!

  4. I've always liked Railroad Crossing. There were several at the San Jose Quilt Museum when I visited last.

  5. Beautiful drawing, she looks thoughtful.
    3/4 of an inch! Holy Smokes that's little! They're great and I especially like that they don't all march in the direction that you expect them to.

  6. That antique quilt is gorgeous! Is that maybe a self portrait?

  7. Your drawing would make a fabulous fabric design

  8. love you doodle. poor worn quilt - vey loved.

  9. Such a beautiful drawing Sujata. And the quilt is a beauty too, so wonderful with it's freeform ways and so interesting to see how it's aged.


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