Friday, September 4, 2015

Spots on Leaves

About a month or so ago my son living in Seattle called at 9:30 PM. I am always happy to hear his voice but we had already spoken earlier in the evening so I was a little surprised to hear back from him the same day.  

His cousin had given him a plant which she got from me when we moved from Seattle to Pennsylvania. She thought Gautam should also have a cutting of the same plant in his first home. 
Gautam had been taking care of it for few days and noticed some yellow spots appearing on his plants. Since I am the self appointed plant doctor in the family, he knew he will  get some answers. 

Our conversation went something like this.

Gautam-''I think I am killing this plant, it has yellow spots on it."

Me- ''You must be over-watering it."

Gautam- ''Mom it is in the water and it has lots of roots!''

Me- ''Oh! Send me the picture of your plant.''

And he did! It is the plant he grew up seeing his entire life.. Or should I say Not seeing? It has been in my home even before he was born! Philodendron! A tropical plant with natural variegation!

I couldn't help but laugh. He was adorable!

He then went on and on about plants and gardening and sent few more images of another plant he bought from a nursery. He asked for my help with plant selection for his yard when I visit him.
I happily agreed and we ended our conversation.

I hung up the phone and thought my aeronautical engineer, computer games playing son was talking plants! I was thrilled! This whole conversation had left me happily surprised. This had to be the first time ever he talked about plants. 

Later that month his sister visited him and reported to me that he wants to grow as many plants as he can in his home! And he is checking this plant every morning to see if it grew overnight!

I needed to memorize this conversation, this story of his life!

I chose the fabrics with spots and dark colors to mark the timing of our phone conversation. Yellow is the accent color in his house. I used free-form crazy quilt block for the background.

Needle-turn applique gave me something to do while I was recovering on the couch.

Limited colors kept it modern and not too cute. Star fabric was added for his love for space and the night sky. Wavy quilting lines are for the water in the vase.

New leaves to show the growth and airiness and lighter leaves on the other side to add dimensions.

I freehanded the vase to look like a rocket! Which by the way, he loves to build and fire!

I machine quilted the quilt and left the leaves untouched to be free of the background. I may add stitches while I am there but for now, just curious to know what he will think of this quilt.

It is ready with the sleeve on the back. I really hope he likes it. I wanted to give him something to remember that late evening when he and I talked plants.

It wasn't that long ago when I started this quilt. Remember this? It's good to have something done and give away.
Tomorrow I will be in Seattle! 
My class at Quiltworks Northwest Beads and Beyond is on the 12th has few spots left. Come join me for free-form Lattice, Hourglass and Railfence fun!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Winner of Cultural Fusion Quilts and Update on Lyme

My plan was to draw a winning number last night at midnight but time slipped away. 

Since I am over half a day late, without further due...

The winner of my book Cultural Fusion Quilts is PK Sews.

Here is what she said.

''Ohh. Your quilt is beautiful. I have an Amy Butter layer cake and a few fat quarters, and I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. I would love to make a quilt like this. I like the design decision you made about the quilting. Stippling in the background to give dimension to the lattice gives this quilt such a rich surface! I like Cap 1. Thanks for sharing this, and for the chance to win your beautiful book!''

Congratulations PK Sews!!!
Please send me an email with your address so I can send you a signed copy of my book.

Now the second good news!
My tests results came clear of Lyme infection. It has been long couple of months. I am relieved beyond explanation.

Thank you all for your sending good thoughts and wishes.

Happy Sewing!

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