Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Quilt with Primary Colors

I must be in the zone! It has been three days of non stop sewing. The pink quilt is still relatively pink.

I haven't changed it much since you saw it here in the previous post but I found another project in the "Lost and Found" bin.

It is calling for attention but it will have to wait because I started a new quilt just yesterday. 

In the morning over the cup of tea, my husband asked, if I have made a quilt with primary colors.

Did he mean with yellow, blue and red?

Yes, that's what he meant!

Silly me!

After thinking for a bit I realized, I hadn't... made a quilt with primary colors.

It sounded like a good idea to take on as a challenge. So I went looking for three colors in my stash of solids. Guess what? I have literally used up most of the bright colors from my stash. 

I did find some pieces of yellow and red and little yardage of blue, decided to throw couple of pieces of his old shirts and that was enough to get me going.

humble pieces making powerful statement in unity

As you can see, I am not doing a great job on keeping it straight or flat. I also want to acknowledge that none of that is important to me. What I do want is to focus on colors and composition of this piece. As I continue to work, it is making me pause and think about the gentle curves and the movement they create. I am also making a mental note of every decision I make. Do you ever do that? I mean something like why you choose one shade of color over the other?

I love the simplicity of this housetop block. It is still a work in progress.

At this point, I am also very curious on where it ends up. 

Talk about a morning conversations! You never know where they will lead you.  The truth is, you don't need much of a push when you mind is already charged.

I am definitely in the zone. Hope you are too!



  1. I want to get in the zone. But you know me:, I let this good ol' life get in the way. Ah well....

  2. Hello,Sujata,
    Those colors you picked up and the composition is perfectly beautiful. Simple beauty is very special.
    Happy day to you!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I have noticed, simple things are peaceful to make and to look at for longer time. So I continue on..

  3. I saw this on instagram, and noticedt that one of your hashtags said 'indian stepwell' and I thought that maybe your husband and you had been discussing those and that's what gave you the idea to make a house-top step-well kind ofpiece. Interesting to read today that he and you were talking about colours. I am glad that you are in the zone. Me too. xo

  4. I was just dealing with a similar problem on my triangles quilt. I used a sheet as large borders for negative space quilting. But the sheet material was ripply against the bias areas of the triangles! Took some work, but I think I got it worked out.

  5. It amazes me how these plain colors highlight the piecing lines. You have a smart husband! (As if you didn't know that already.)

  6. Ahhh.. your quilts always speak to me . Loved seeing both your pink quilt and this soft primaries quilt. I think you have inspired me with some direction on a current project!

    1. Thank you, Audrey! I am happy that you are inspired by my quilts. Sometimes one nudge is all it takes to keep moving, isn't it?

  7. Wonderful! So full of life and joy. As you may have said before, the possibilities of the log cabin are endless. I am not in the zone, but you are inspiring me to get back into my sewing room! Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts.

  8. Heaven - three days of sewing - sounds ideal Those lost and found bins are like treasure boxes, you never know what surprises are in there.

  9. I think it takes courage for us to use solid colours and limited palate. Your quilts are showing us the way.

  10. This is wonderful - great colours, strong lines. What a lovely way to start, too, with a prompt from your husband.


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