Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This past week or two....

 Another quilt inspired by a Ralli from India.
The quilt top was sewn during the fall of 2008. I call it my two inch love affair.
After two years, I finally finished stitching on the borders!

Back in 2008-09, I had moved back to Seattle with my two kids for the academic year so they could finish their high school and Jr. high. (Our big move to PA from Seattle had back fired a bit for our teenage kids)

Knowing that we will be spending for two homes, I shipped the fabrics from my stash. I did not want to buy even an inch of fabric while being there. Since Fall was just around the corner, I had picked up a box with Kaffe fabrics and dumped them in the shipping box.
I stayed true to using what I had for this quilt. Not an inch of fabric was bought. I know it is quite saturated with colors but it is quite meaningful to me.
I just found the border fabric in another box!

I designed the pattern with  blocks made with 25 two inch squares.
There are six different configurations of 25 square patches.
(does that make sense?)

It was a lot of fun making this quilt in the little apartment I called home for an entire year.
Being single mom for that year.. Not so much!
I have great respect for all of those single parent out there!

I finished the 'Confetti' quilt and hung on the wall by my sons' rooms to welcome them home. 
( In four days... but who is counting? )

I learned something new about hanging quilts on the wall. I used to use about one or two inches wide sleeve  on the back and insert 3/8" dowel to hang the quilts. 

For this quilt I made a four inches wide sleeve.
What is the difference, you ask? 
The quilt hangs away from the wall. The extra inches of the sleeve allow the quilt to FLOAT off the wall. 

Without the binding in natural light.. this one made it on the Explore on flickr!

I really am happy with this little quilt. 
The back looks like local farms covered with fresh fallen snow. 

Before quilting it looked like it was never going to lay flat. The experiment of  "quilting my way" was quite fun and pretty rewarding. If you click on the picture, it will show you how 'unflat' the quilt top was!

After getting inspired by all of you who have been working on Christmas quilts, I started a new project with no deadlines in mind. Bunch of red and green strips playing on the house top!
The stitching on the Confetti quilt has made me want to do more hand quilting. I think my red and green quilt also will get embellished with some heavy stitching.

Another slow project!


  1. I love the quilt made with 2" squares. Could you post a close up of it? the colors are so rich.

    I admire your hand stitching and the time it takes to do it.

  2. I LOVE all of these, but especially the red and green one!!

  3. These are all so beautiful!! I am always amazed at your work, your sense of color and design. I would like to see the 2 inch one more closely too! Have a wonderful holiday with all your family home!!

  4. Love your quilts and love the colors you used!

  5. Wanda and Nifty,
    I will post the close up real soon! It is a great quilt to make with scraps. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

  6. You should do more hand quilting! Confetti is beautiful and the hand quilting really makes it for me.

  7. All are great projects! All of the quilting on the Confetti quilt - wow! I really enjoyed seeing the back of that one.

  8. It seems true that I love your quilts and your spirit equally...both beautiful. The contrast between your modest persona and the POW of the quilts is a delight. LeeAnn told me about you during your "Seattle years" and I'm sorry we didn't meet...someday though!! Best.

  9. Sujata they are beautiful and I love love love the red and green! One of my favorite combinations!!!

  10. Oh so amazingly perfect. I am in awe of your talents.

  11. The first quilt is beautiful, but I love the energy of the second quilt... along with all of that hand quilting! Looks fabulous!

  12. Hey Sujata, Fabulous stuff! I luv it! Well done! Happy sewing!

  13. Your color sense is amazing! The quilt dazzles brilliantly by the way you arranged various shades. The border blends in beautifully!
    Your hand quilting is gorgeous in the small quilt! It gives a lovely texture and another dimension to the colorful strips.

  14. I love the big stitches. What thread did you use? I'm almost ready to try...but my unpleasant attempt at sashiko makes me a little afraid.

  15. everything is so pretty here today...especially all that HAND QUILTING! wow!!!

  16. I wish there was a good reason for you to move back to Seattle! Love the hand quilting! How are your hands? There isn't anything you make I don't love love love! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

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  18. Gorgeous! The solid quilt is fantastic - and I love the complete opposite of the 2 sides. One so rich in color, the other (snowscape) so rich in texture...
    The red and green is also very intriguing - already in love with it!
    I'm joining in the chorus - please show us a close up of your first quilt, too - when you have a chance....
    ; )

  19. Yes, wow!! You have been so busy! The 'Ralli' quilt just glows with will feel as though you're sitting next to an open fire. An the way you've quilted 'Confetti', too! Christmas quilt is coming along beautifully too. How about a Sujata book in 2011,crammed with pictures and tips on choosing colours and quilting???!

  20. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. can I manage to say that some more. fantastic quilt.

  21. Oh my! These are gorgeous, Sujata. The two finished quilts are such different styles, but they are both fantastic. I especially like the quilting on the Confetti quilt!

  22. You always put so much on your post, I don't know what to comment on first. The hand stitching on your son's quilt totally makes the quilt. It's funny how the bumpiness of it actually improves the whole finish of the quilt and adds the dimension of movement.
    Love the first quilt but I would love to see some closeups.
    Anyway, all the best for the new year.

  23. oh I love the way that quilt just radiates from the center, amazing you made it all from your stash.
    good for you! and what a story that quilt will have to tell for years to come!
    oh I would never want to be a single mom I agree I give them a lot of credit!
    teenagers especially are a lot of work!
    love the way you quilted this I agree it looks like snow covered fields
    quilting it really added so much texture to that quilt
    love it!
    oh have fun with your red and green quilt, ah love the no deadline!
    good for you!
    have a wonderful holiday with all your children home !

  24. Confetti is a stunning quilt. The quilting is so fantastic!! A colourful welcome home for your son!

  25. You have every reason to be proud of both of these finishes; they're wonderful. And thanks for all the links for ralli quilts, etc.

  26. Came here from a facebook post by Tonya Ricucci, and I'm so very glad I did! Your quilts are wonderful and each makes me smile. That is an important factor when I'm looking at quilts:)


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