Saturday, March 19, 2011

I feel like a Star!

From the book " Gee's Bend Women and their quilts"

Can you believe I have never made a quilt with a star block?
Well, other than my very first quilt. But, that does not count. I see a very scrappy star quilt in my near future.

I do feel like a star! My "Zigzag" quilt was in the AQS show.. 

It was nice to see my quilt hanging there.. 
What was even nicer was the company of women I had the chance to hang out with!

Kelly Meanix from the Pinkadot Quilts and her friends are my new friends! 
Some of the nicest people I have had chance to meet in last couple of years.

I also got to meet some fabulous bloggers like Kathie from "Inspired by Antique Quilts", Victoria from "Silly Boo Dilly", Barb from " Quilting with Barb and Mary". 
Wish I had more time to chit chat with them!

I even tried my hand at a long-arm quilting machine!
Came home with inspirations and ideas that will keep me busy for quite some time!

  Happy Weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Red and White

A little wall hanging I made as a swap with a friend. She embroidered for my quilt and I did a little applique for her quilt back in 1997.
I densely hand quilted this quilt. Still love it just the same as I did when I made it. I guess that's why the Red and White combination is considered to be so timeless. 


 Few years back I had started this quilt based on the pattern by Blackbird designs. Although, I have only made one block I still like it enough that I will finish this quilt with same selection of fabrics.
  This quilt top I made during one of my husband's business trips. 
I had seen the picture of the original quilt in a blue and white combination and wanted to try my own take on it!
The hearts were not part of the original design.
I love this quilt and was planning to hand quilt it someday. 
I still think it deserves the hand stitching of some kind.

There were lot of emotions that had gone into it while I worked on the top.
It was my second or third quilt top and I was so proud that I had figured it all out from the picture!
They are the colors of the traditional bridal-wear in India. 
I wore them when I got married to my husband. 
White stands for purity and red for the good luck!

I love this combination!

Taryn has set up a virtual Red and White Quilts exhibit. 
Although, I don't own an antique quilt, this is my little contribution to the collection. 
Go check it out! 
You will be happy that you did!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quilt Fiesta book Giveaway

And the winner is...Gill Watson
Please send me your snail mail address so I can mail you the copy if the book "Quilt Fiesta". 

Thank you all for participating in Cheryl's Giveaway.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

 That is what I did yesterday! 
May I say that I did that very successfully too?
You all remember how I have restricted my self from buying new fabrics for quite sometime!
There is always plenty to shop from my own stash and it is fun to create from what I have.
But, yesterday was one of those days.. I had to buy something new! 
So I ended up at a local Goodwill store..

I came home and washed the shirts. 
Look closely..don't they look fun?
Can't wait to start cutting them up.
Speaking of old shirts,
This is not the only time I have lapsed!
Few months back I found myself in another Goodwill store.
And bought some cloths!


It was the dead of winter and I was dreaming of Spring!
I can hardly wait to cut all these up and try something new.

By the way, today is the last day for Quilt Fiesta Giveaway. 
 If you want to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on the previous post.. 
Just scroll down and you will find the post!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilt Fiesta book giveaway!

Surprising designs from Mexican tiles.

I was honored when Cheryl Lynch asked me to be included in her blog tour and a book give away.

One of you lucky readers can win a signed copy of her book! 


'Quilt Fiesta' includes 10 different projects inspired from the ceramic tiles from Mexico. 

Cheryl has cleverly combined pieced blocks and easy applique designs that create secondary patterns seen in tile work. 

The book also has design options in the library of center and corner designs that will keep your own creative juices flowing. 
There are simple instructions and guidelines on how to create a unique quilt by mixing these patterns. 

Each quilt pattern has two different versions which makes it exciting and lets you be imaginative to see beyond the original quilts. (In my mind it is always a great thing!)

I love the fact that it also includes a chapter, From Inspiration to Design 
a very informative guide on creating a quilt from your own inspirations!

Isn't that wonderful?

 I am certainly going to give this a try!

Last year I had taken above photos of tile work at my grandmother's place when I visited India. 
Don't you think this pattern would make a wonderful quilt?
Are you inspired?

Leave a comment to win a signed copy of Quilt Fiesta!
If you are a no-reply blogger, make sure to send me your email address.
I will announce the lucky winner on March 6th!
Good Luck!

The fun doesn't stop here! 
There are two more days of giveaway left. 

Next stop,

Good Luck!