Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Workshop in Philadelphia

Organic Machine Piecing

Fluidity in Quilts

'Driftwood' 2011     
This Saturday I will be teaching a workshop at Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild on my favorite subject- Organic Piecing and Quilting.
Stay tuned! Next week I will be back with lots of pictures and more details on my current new project.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A feel good day!

January of 2012 is almost over! It has been almost five months since my shoulder surgery.
Last time I machine quilted a quilt was way back in August last year. I remember how good it felt to finish some quilts.

Well, after almost five months of break from machine quilting, I finally decided it was time to give it a try! And that's all I needed to do! These babies had been patiently waiting for almost two months after I basted them. I had honest intentions of finishing them before the deadline.

I guess the new deadline was today!
I spent my day quilting these baby quilts.

 Orange Baby Quilt
Blue/Green Baby Quilt

The idea was to start the year with the charity quilts. I think it is a great start!
I better pull those tops out from the closet and give them another look. It would be so nice to finish some quilts this year!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday Sketch

Sitting restlessly, wondering what to do next,
I decided to pick up that sharpie and sketch..

Brown paper Sketch

Close up
What do you do when plans fall apart?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun with friends!

Barb of Fun with Barb came over yesterday for a visit. I invited my bee friends to come and join the fun.

Barb brought one my favorite quilts she made for the show and tell. I must say that pictures never do the justice to the quilts. She has designed this quilt herself and hand quilted it to perfection.
If you haven't already, check out her post about this special quilt here.

The hexagon quilt! Something, I can only dream of making!

Her star quilt in progress! It was really nice to see all those blocks in person. Thanks, Barb for spending the day with us..
Speaking of us, Kelly of Pinkadot Quilting was also here. Check out her diary blocks.

It is going to be quite a quilt. wish you all could see those blocks in person too. Her detailing is amazing!

Another one of Kelly's quilts in progress. We got together last month to work on a string quilt project. 

 Christine also brought her string quilt in progress to share. I like her green background!

Here is another one of her clever use of upholstery and home dec fabric samples in a table runner.
I think it looks better on my table!

'May Apple'  Terry Kramzar
Terry Kramzar came and did a little show and tell too!
I forgot to take the picture but you can visit her here and take a look at all the art quilts.

Jane came a little later and unfortunately I did not take the pictures of her quilts either.

I shared my latest project. It is an unusual and an evolving project. Hopefully next time I will have some better visuals for you.

Pile of fabrics for the new project
Work in progress!
My  friends!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A slow start to the promising year!

I am gathering thoughts and planning the year.. Lots of new and old in mind, I started the year with a micro pen and scraps of blank paper and revisited my roots. 

Little bit of doodling gave me lots to think about and ponder over what I want to do next!

Overall, this may be a slow year for me as far as quilting goes.
But as they say, slow and steady, easy does it
and that will do for me!

Happy New Year!

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