Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wheel

My sewing room is a mess. 

I started working on a new quilt and my brain got filled with too many color combination. 

Not good, when you want to just slice and sew. 

The room has exploded with fabrics..

On the floor...
On the sewing table and even on the ironing board!

Brain storm! 
Not the good kind!

 I decided to pull my scrappy wheel out to piece the background to it. 

 I found the perfect  leftover fabric from another project.

 Now the wheel has become a square patch! Everything around the black background is still in patches.

It is going to be a slow quilt for sure. 

See that block on the top corner with X?

That was the only leftover block from the quilt below.

I knew it would come handy some day!

 I needed to take a break from thinking about colors and textures and just sew something.

 Sewing up the background was enough to feel accomplished!

Sometimes, that's all it takes. 

A break!


Colors and textures.

Size and shape.
 Just slice and sew!
How do you get out of feeling 'stuck'?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Productive days are happy days!

 Six empty bobbins!

 25 finished blocks for a new quilt.

Six blocks for the 15 minutes Bee

I was supposed to make only one, but they were so much fun I could not help myself! 

I am inspired
very happy.

I think it was that trip to the mall!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lots and lots of...

Yesterday, some of you were impressed thinking that I had my camera with me when I went to the mall!
( if missed it, read my previous post)

Not true!

I made the second trip... Yes... to the mall.... Just to take the pictures! 

Lots of them!


Lots of stitching!

I came home very inspired.

I pulled my fabrics out.

Made piles and stacks....

 More stacks.....

Got inspired enough to start a new project.

I plan to have fun.

Lots and lots of it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspirations from "Free People"

How many of you don't like going to the malls?
I am one of those who would rather be at home or in the garden, sewing up a storm in my studio or in the kitchen cooking warm meals.
Whenever I can, I stay miles and miles away from malls.
Just not my thing!
But, homecoming is in few weeks and I had to go dress shopping with my daughter this past weekend.
We did not find pretty dresses but look what we stumbled upon!

I could sit on this chair for hours!

Curtains on the dressing room!


 If you are near any  'Free People' store, make sure you stop by and see their store display. They change their displays four times a year. This will be taken down around end of October.
This one is located in King of Prussia, PA

All of the above merchandise are from India made from old and used Saree fabrics.
There were mix of silks and fine cottons.
Every single piece is heavily hand quilted. The colors and textures are quite inspiring. 

I like free form patchwork made with used clothing.

I like to hand quilt my quilts quite densely and with contrasting thread.

 I know why!

That is what I grew up with. 

Remember this?

A utilitarian quilt air drying on a railing.

  The 'Kite Festival Quilt' from early this year.

 I am ready for some serious hand-quilting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good bye Summer

It has been well over a month! This was the longest break.. It feels as if I have lost touch with an old friend and don't know how quite to get back to her.. We all know that the longer you take to pick up that phone harder it is to stay connected.

I am back in my studio, the idea of steaming iron and sewing machine sounds like music to my ears!
Unfortunately no pictures to show today! I have not sewn a stitch in past month. And boy, have I missed it! 

While I took a break, I have enjoyed occasionally visiting your blogs and keeping myself informed. Hope all of you had a great summer with family and friends. I am now looking forward to cooler fall season and get cozy in the sewing room with my stash - mountain.

Have a wonderful day!

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